View Full Version : What if The Judge robocalled you?

The Free Hornet
12-27-2011, 06:46 PM
I got a robocall from 661-206-0700 not unlike this person (http://mrnumber.com/1-661-206-0700).

Left a political screed on my voice mail. It sounded like an excerpt from a radio show. It went on for 4 minutes - sounded like Dr. Strangelove.

It was about 5 minutes, the "What If" speech by the Judge adapted from Ron Paul. I DOUBT either Paul or Napolitano are behind this. After, the "What if" speed, it sounds like general election news with a somewhat high-pitched male (?) voice?

I am in Illinois and it was our known and established business number (7+ years if not many more) that was called. It is still going after 11 minutes but is talking about a debate tonight - which there is none (talking about Romney and Perry going at it as a "two man" affair - very old news). Just reported Chris Christie is not running for president (~12 mins in). Going to hang up now...

Reporting because it was odd and I like the "What if" speech. No, I do not encourage robocalls and am generally averse to telemarketing and junk mail.