View Full Version : Ron Paul: Under Pressure is an ace

12-27-2011, 12:30 PM
I thought a great marketing tool for the campaign or the grassroots to shine a light on, is how Ron Paul reacts when the pressure is really put on. I think he has an exemplary track record of making the right decisions under duress while others cave to special interests and the status quo.

TARP / Bailouts - Vehemently against the entire time despite rampant fear
IRAQ / Afghanistan - Against occupations in both. Vindicated in Iraq fear mongering. Voted for Afghanistan only when attacked and submitted Marque and Reprisal as an alternative.
Budgets - Never caves in to government shutdown propaganda
Federal Reserve - A lone statesman exposing big banking schemes against powerful interests.
Tax increases - consistent no matter the proposition. No votes for tax increases. Lower taxes for ALL individuals.
Healthcare - opposed mandates EVEN during Republican administrations

2nd Amendment, homeschooling, civil liberties. Under Pressure: Ron Paul stands firm to conviction.