View Full Version : Ron Paul Super Brochure - Easy!

12-26-2011, 12:09 PM
It appears the target state changes, and there is limited time to get it done before primaries/debates etc. we want to educate people early before the media brainwashing begins!!!

www.ronpaulbrochure.com - yes this is a great way to get a superbrochure in the hands of every ingnorant SC republican!!! All you have to do is put up a little money to cover a precinct....that's it! the brochures are mailed out for you to every registered republican....let's go! send this link to everyone you can think of and let's get the state covered!....by the way, the super brochure looks pretty sweet!

http://www.ronpaulbrochure.com/images/brochure1_lg.jpg - side 1
http://www.ronpaulbrochure.com/images/brochure2_lg.jpg - side 2