View Full Version : The American People (Ron Paul Revolutionaries) would make a compelling campaign ad.

12-24-2011, 11:21 PM
Let me provide some dramatically inspiring music for you before I get to my point.


The American people overwhelming feel that they are ignored, that the media lies to them, that Washington is corrupt. Above all, I think, the American people feel there is no hope. They are waiting for someone to ride in on a white horse and save them from not only a bankrupt economy but a government of increasingly suspect intentions. We need to show them who rides that white horse.

I think a political ad featuring Ron Paul's supporters would be compelling. Perhaps at first showing it small, or one lone man standing defiantly with a Ron Paul sign amidst all the horrendous news from 2008, and gradually growing and growing more and more as the ad continues.

This is an area where Ron Paul has a significant edge over his opponents and we need to show this. He isn't just another candidate, pandering for votes in retirement homes and diners. Ron Paul has a following and we need to show this following as a great movement tasked to defy the powers that now weigh heavily on the American people.

This will have a powerful psychological effect if executed correctly. Americans and people in general I think long to be something greater than themselves. If the masses get a sense of our passion for this great push for a renewed American liberty they'll feel drawn to it. This psychology has elevated many great movements in world history and was part of the engine behind Obama's 2008 campaign.

It should demonstrate our defiance against the two political parties, it should gradually show our strength in numbers, our passion, etc. It should imply the growing number of problems America faces while showing a movement growing in stages until climax.

This sort of marketing would be a psychological magnet for so many disenfranchised Americans in a way in which I do not think they would be fence sitters for who they'll vote for for the duration of the campaign. We don't just want them to think Ron Paul is a good candidate with good ideas, we want to recruit them into our revolution.

Americans have lost their sense of belonging. It has been taken from them and they have nowhere to turn. Let's give them one.

If anyone has any creative say in Ron Paul's ads, or can contact those who do, I know, having studied revolutions for a long time, that this approach would all but secure the nomination.

12-24-2011, 11:32 PM

Here is a video from youtube that has elements of what i'm suggesting.