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Free Moral Agent
12-22-2011, 05:30 PM
So myself, my boss and a couple of co-workers went out for lunch at a nice Chinese place today on the company's dime. While at the restaurant, another co-worker talked about how she had designed some layouts for direct mail campaign literature then another co-worker (let's call him Patrick) chimed in (knowing I was a Ron Paul fan) asking if it was for Ron Paul? She said no, but then of course the conversation stayed on Ron Paul...

See, I'm not the type of person to bring up politics amongst co-workers, but if somebody else mentions "Ron Paul" or questions me - I will jump right in! My boss asks "doesn't he own some kind of business?" I respond, "no, he was a doctor" then he adds, "he's like the other guy...Perot...wacky" I look down at the table and my mind starts racing as to how to respond and I simply say "he's the only one not in bed with the establishment" The topic veers off about how we live next to one of the few passport processing centers in the U.S., my boss adds another quip "if Ron Paul-

Fuck this, I'm writing this out and I'm starting to realize that I don't care if he's my boss or not. I'm going to be more forceful in challenging anyone that brings up Ron Paul.

How do you guys deal with the workplace environment?

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12-22-2011, 06:57 PM
Good Topic! I talk about Ron Paul ALL the time at work. Others will bring him up when something is being discussed and they'll say, 'what does ron paul think about this'.
I have 5 co workers and 3 have registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul. When I first heard about RP in 07 and brought him up at work, I didn't know the information I needed to back up his ideas. That has changed. I talk to them mostly about what I know they're interested in hearing that coincides with Ron's philosophies. During one conversation with my boss, the director of the program, I learned that she is all about Ending the Fed and I also learned that one of the supervisors is a libertarian whose best friend from college worked for Dr. Paul. Still working on the Obama supporters though. It's got to the point where they know he was all hype but they don't want to admit it. I think the wars are what is really bothering them. Press on!

12-22-2011, 08:03 PM
My co workers have told me that if Paul wins the presidency they will work as hard as I have to get me a staff position. Lol I'm known as the Ron Paul machine. I've got about 4 coworkers to ref republican to vote for him and got several others on board.

12-22-2011, 08:08 PM
I have driven my co-workers insane with Ron Paul news:)

12-22-2011, 08:23 PM
I have at leat 4 RP shirts and bring him up all the time at work. My boss is on board and I even have conversations with a liberal that always end with her saying "that makes a lot of sense... that really gives me something to think about". People get this stuff. They know the govt is full of shit, they know about the corruption and don't trust the govt.

12-22-2011, 08:50 PM
There's no point in challenging anyone. Keep it light. "Yeah, us Paultards might just get that wacky guy into the White House." People are much more receptive to the message of liberty when they're smiling.

12-25-2011, 09:32 AM
Just speak up and say why you like Ron Paul. Like this:

I like Ron Paul because I am sick of politicians who claim they are working for the voters, but allow lobbyists and big donors to write our laws.
I like Ron Paul because I think we're strangling businesses in this country with too much regulation.
I like Ron Paul because I am fed up with the Federal Reserve holding rates at rock bottom enabling the big financial firms to make millions with cheap Fed loans, while the rest of us get less than 1% on our savings accounts.
I like Ron Paul because I am tired of bailing out the bankers who created the worthless mortgage-backed securities that fill our pension plans.
I like Ron Paul because I think that the government should not have the right to detain US citizens indefinitely on vague suspicions.
I like Ron Paul because I don't think we should be starting wars just because we think someday some other country might possibly develop the ability to attack us.
I like Ron Paul because he wants to change the system that rewards politicians for serving Wall Street instead of Main Street, by eliminating the Federal Reserve as a source of cheap money to Wall Street.

How to answer the claim that Ron Paul doesn't understand economics or has “wacky” ideas:

Ron Paul thinks we should go back on the gold standard. Up until Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, it was normal for money to be backed by gold. Every currency has to be backed by something. Right now, our currency is backed only by our faith that the government will be fiscally responsible and will control its spending. How do you think that's going for us?

The US government has already learned that the Federal Reserve is prepared to be the backstop for its irresponsible spending. They think that no matter how out of control they get with the budget, the Federal Reserve will step in with an interest rate cut or a Treasury bond-buying program to save their backsides. Same thing for the big banks—they believe that no matter how much money they lose, the Federal Reserve will always open up the discount window and help them out. Clearly, the Federal Reserve needs to be restrained, and Ron Paul has written books about why that's so important. Of course, the people who are making tons of money from the Federal Reserve's policies would consider those ideas "wacky".