View Full Version : Pro-media Ron Paul Supporters?

12-21-2011, 09:53 PM
My ambition is to be a successful journalist some day. Even now, I don't find a whole lot objectionable and find much of value in the media structure. As a skeptic, asking questions is of great interest to me, and the way the media goes after everyone, including Ron Paul, is something I respect. It's ultimately the readers who will decide whether threse investigations, accusations, or even assualts have any merit or not. Perhaps this is what most sets me apart from mainstream Ron Paul supporters. Should (often) pro-media individuals, like me, feel comfortable with even this community of die-hard Ron Paul supporters?

12-21-2011, 11:01 PM

It's one thing to "go after" a candidate; expose their faults, lies, inconsistencies, etc. (Which the media doesn't really do to all candidates equally. Where is the focus on Newt's racist "ghetto Spanish speakers" comments? Why haven't they bought up Santorum's residency fraud when attemoting o score free private online education for his children? Why hasn't there been an assault on Bachmann for her propagandizing lies during debates, speeches, and even in her campaign emails?) But the way the media has treated Ron has been unacceptable. Ignoring a candidate, blacking him out, pretending he doesn't exist EXCEPT to slander him? That's not journalism, that's bias and propaganda. The media should not be a propaganda machine, they should be truth seekers. That's not the role they've taken, and understandably so; most MSM outlets are owned by one man, and so to a large extent, they promote his agenda instead of unbiased news.

Regardless, I don't get what you're asking. I've now seen two threads where you're asking if you "fit in" here. Why is it an issue? You don't have to agree with Ron Paul's supporters on every issue, nor do you have to agree with Ron on every issue. If you've concluded, as we all have, that he is this country's best hope, then you belong here. There isn't a litmus test you have to pass to become a Ron Paul supporter. If you like Ron and intend to vote for him/campaign on his behalf, then you have a place within the grassroots.

12-22-2011, 03:45 PM
Well, I disagree that they've been ignoring Ron Paul generally. I thought their reaction to his Iowa Straw Poll results was wrong, but it turned out the Iowa Straw Poll was almost a non-event. I also don't understood why many Ron Paul supporters keep reacting quite strongly to the continuing concern about Ron Paul's past newsletter operations. The newsletters are legitimate campaign issues. I suggest candidly admitting that this was an example of gross mismanagement. And I advise, instead, emphasizing the relative lower importance of Paul's management here versus other concerns.