View Full Version : I'm even more confident about Paul's win in Iowa now

12-19-2011, 04:44 PM
Not just because he is leading by 1% in Iowa.

But as I've scoured the web to find articles reporting this new PPP poll, they are virtually impossible to find. And for the ones that I have found, the headline makes no mention of Paul. Most of them say something like "Gingrich free falls, even with Romney."

Even without a media push and still being largely ignored, Ron Paul has slowly and steadily taken the lead in Iowa.

This is real support, and we should all be tremendously proud of the hard work, AND DON'T STOP WORKING!

When I talk to regular people, who really seem to have no interest in politics, but nonetheless will still vote, they do NOT know who Ron Paul is. That's crazy for us super-fans to think of, but I mention Ron Paul and they've either never heard of him, or think he's a third party guy.

The structure that is in place for Ron Paul for this campaign is ready and willing when people actually begin to hear his name.

Let's do this!!!!!!

12-19-2011, 04:50 PM
We need to become the media -- email and facebook - reframe the issues and send the link =)

Phone from Home will allow us the same results in the states after Iowa, we need more callers.



12-19-2011, 08:59 PM
What a joke!!!