View Full Version : Dear Liberty Claus, ...

12-19-2011, 04:34 PM
I understand you and the liberty elves have been busy this year with so much fundraising and campaign action - the rise in the polls due to your efforts have been truly wonderful and on behalf of myself and fellow patriots I wish to say THANK YOU so very much from our hearts. - however, since I find myself without employmen in this scrooged world of false hope and change and sold off all I own to 'make it' with my other & our 3 small children, if its not too much to ask, I would like to forward you my simple wish list for this holiday season.

1. any manner of campaign clothing would be wonderful.. Though myself am an XL I can offer things that do not fit to others I have managed to convert in my circle as a bonus in spreading campaign cheer :D (ps.. a nice big comfy 2x hoodie would also be really cozy to wear in the cold months to come;))

2. campaign buttons - I really like these especially the looks of the square ones :)

3. at least 1 Ron Paul coin of any type would be great to start conversation with local merchants and folks in the checkout line at the grocery store not to mention its value as a keepsake. If i had 3 I would certainly pass them on to my kids as a reminder of freedome and liberty that I would hope they would cherish for all time

4. superbrochures (both types) .. shoot.. any will do at this point but I do like the looks of both the superbrochures though.

5. Hard printed Ron Paul books.. Sure I can get them digital.. but prefer the old fashion way of reading along with a lot of other folks around these parts.

6. Campaign yard signs, bumber stickers, bammers other promotional material.

Well guess that about it. though I have had my share of naughty this year I really have done my best to stay good and believe strong in our cause for liberty. I do understand that we are in troubled times and things arent as plentyful as they may have been in the past and so I willl not hold any grudges if you need or wish to skip my house this year... in whatver you decide I still leave you with one final wish... President Elect Ron Paul 2012!

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!

Your humble patriot,
Tim Scott