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12-19-2011, 12:45 PM
This post is designed to shell out a foundational marketing plan, hopefully the community can build off of this plan. Even better, implement the final strategy.

Consistency is required in marketing. Sometimes a message will not click with individuals right away. I heard of a pastor once that preached about showing love and respect for your fellowman for months until it finally struck a cord and people realized the gospel. We see the same thing happening with Ron Paul's message. Ron Paul has been preaching his message to America for years and finally people are recognizing the message, it's finally beginning to strike a cord with America.

Every marketing campaign should have a pattern of consistency as its foundation. For neighborhood marketing, this is first definitely a yard sign, but not ONLY a traditional yard sign. No matter what it is, large or small, it needs to be the foundation of every campaign.

I suggest that you get yourself a six foot banner and tie it in the trees in front of your house.
Or plaster your car with stickers.
Spray paint on a sheet of plywood

Randomness atop of consistency is a technique that can help to catch people off guard and begin to open their eyes to the consistency. Take for example when something random happens and you notice a new kind of car, then all of a sudden you begin seeing that same care everywhere. It's always been there, but you required something random to wake up to the fact that it's always been right in front of your face.

In order to get followers to wake up to the Ron Paul Revolution, even now, we need to throw some randomness into the campaign. This randomness is random to the viewers, but not random to the campaign itself. It should be scheduled so that it happens frequently, but the market will change. An example: grouping together on the same day each week and passing out fliers. Your delivery area will change, which will be viewed as random to the homeowners, but scheduled to the campaign.

Passing out fliers
Do a daily walk with your yard sign
Hold a neighborhood barbecue for Ron Paul

Talking one on one with individuals in your neighborhood could get really ugly if you approached them about Ron Paul. In their eyes, that's no different then you being approached about Romney, you would just simply be angry with the messenger. The Goal of a face to face conversation should be you educated your neighbor about the treason within government. Take a copy of the Patriot Act and the NDAA around your neighborhood.

I called my mother to talk about Ron Paul and she would just laugh, because she thought, "oh great, my son is getting into politics." I had to change the perspective in order to wake her up, here's how I did it. I did not focus on Ron Paul, I focused on the issues:

Man get's 75 years in prison for video taping police
Congress declares US soil a battleground
Active Military Unit patrolling US soil.
FEMA Camps
Fusion Centers
16 year old suspected of Bomb Threat get's refused his right to due process
A law almost passed last year to make growing corn illegal as cocaine.

Then I expressed the fact that I'm scared for my children and myself. Seeing as the government can declare you a terrorist for having seven days of food in your house, being a military veteran or owning a gun. Then torture your family to get them to testify against you.

When you make the laws a reality and inject the possibility of your family being accused of terrorism, then you will strike concern in your neighbors. Then you can bring in Ron Paul. "I never dreamed about being an activist, but I realized these issues because of a man named Ron Paul. This is a congressman that has votes based on constitution an biblical understandings, he is making known to America the issues with our government. I've looked into these issues, they are real, and I'm voting for this man because he wants to stop our government from destroying the constitution."

People immediately jump on board.