View Full Version : New domain: WhichNewt.com

12-17-2011, 04:44 PM
Earlier this year, the DNC launched a website WhichMitt.com, exposing the many flip flops of Mitt Romney. As Newt has a similarly atrocious record of changing his position for convenience's sake -- "Serial Hypocrisy" sums it up rather nicely -- I have recently registered the domain WhichNewt.com. I currently just have it pointed to an MSNBC report that was quoted in a RonPaul2012.com blog post.

**** Does anyone have an idea of something more to do with the website? ****

I think the domain has legs. Although it's not as sing-songy as WhichMitt, it's easily seen as a play on the name and can build on the characterization equating Newt and Mitt as cut from the same cloth.