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12-17-2011, 03:40 PM
So i'm doing my very best to sign "Ron Paul" on atleast 4 of my devices on all the polls, spread them through email to the numerous people I converted to diehard Ron Paul fans, spam YouTube with "Ron Paul 2012!!", and pretty much anything I can.

Aswell can usually hold my own on his issues that catch alot of people up, be it with neocons against his war policy, or more left leaning people who support a government ran heath care system.

But I emailed my uncle earlier, I remembered he was an Obama supported and I figured I could convince him before the NJ primaries.

So I asked him what he thought of Ron Paul, and this is what he had to say:

"His foreign policy is great. However, his domestic policies are a disaster. He wants to eliminate minimum wage ( I guess $7.25 per hour is too high), privatize all services, and deregulate all government oversight. Without government oversight, we will allow the banks to do whatever they want. Imagine if street gangs had the power of our banking industry. They would demand no regulation, so they could sell drugs and kill their competition without having to deal with any consequences. It would be great for them, but everyone would suffer. Our country is for the rich by the rich.

It is sickening to watch the Republican debates"

So, I know Ron supports all these things out of being a strict constitutionalists, unlike others who do it for more nefarious reasons, but on these issues i'm not to knowledgeable, can anyone help me with this? Share some insight, i'd love to recruit him for the cause!(That sounds cult-ish xD)

Any comprehensive help is much appreciated!:D

12-17-2011, 05:11 PM
Don't the banks already do whatever they want because of government regulations that protect them instead of the consumer? Where was he in 08? Government oversight? What exactly is that? Bureaucrats who truly have our best interests in mind? Lobbyists for special interest groups? What does he know about the Federal Reserve? I think one thing that is imperative to point out it that a president is not supposed to control everything. They are supposed to protect our liberties. Ron Paul's domestic policies consists of one policy. Let the people live their own lives without causing harm to others. Your uncle's voice is best heard at the local level. What does he think about our wonderful War on Drugs?

I hope someone else can give you better answers.

12-17-2011, 07:29 PM
Imagine if street gangs had the power of the government. They would have a monopoly on force in their area. They could demand that people give them money, at the point of a gun, and there would be no one to oppose them. They could run everyone's lives however they wanted, and no one could stop them. Now, suppose they used that power to reward their friends -- the banks, let us say. Better to keep that kind of power out of anyone's hands -- including most especially the politicians, bureaucrats and police!