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12-16-2011, 04:02 PM
Since nobody should be more affected by the GOP candidates' aggressive war-mongering in the middle east than Iranian-Americans, Arab-Americans, and others, I've undertaken some grassroots fundraising by emailing as many Iranian organizations as possible. Farsi schools, Persian clubs, Iranian societies, not to mention the NIAC and CAIR offices. I enclosed the following simple messsage:

Dear sir or madam,

Last evening's Republican Presidential debate was truly a shocking display of aggression and war-mongering against Iran by all of the candidates, except one: Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. He alone offered friendship to the people of Iran, regardless of their government and warned of the dangers of an aggressive foreign policy in the middle east.

Today is a Ron Paul "Money Bomb" fundraiser. I sincerely request that you pass on my note to everyone in your club and immediate friends and family, and urge them to contribute to this important campaign.

Dr. Paul is the ONLY candidate for President who is running for peace and prosperity, and against hatred and fear. It is important that he succeeds and tells fellow Republicans to choose peace over war, and diplomacy over aggression.

Please go to http://www.ronpaul2012.com for additional information and donations.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration!After a dozen or so, I'm already running out of steam. Here's a summary of contacts from http://www.parstimes.com/iranian_american.html and every single one of them has a network of potential donors who care about peace for their homeland, regardless of what kind of club they are!

Business Associations
Coalition of Iranian Entrepreneurs (LA)
Entrepreneurship Foundation (CA)
Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce (LA)
Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce (Bay Area)
Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce Central Florida
Iranian American Technology Council, IATC (Maryland)
Iranian Trade Association (San Diego)
NIPOC (Orange County)
Persian American Chamber of Commerce (Austin)
SiliconIran (Bay Area)

Civic & Political Groups
Alliance of Iranian Americans, AIA (Southern California)
American Iranian Council (New Jersey)
American Iranian Friendship Council (Portland)
Iranian American Political Action Committee (Washington D.C.)
Bay Area Iranian American Voter Association
California Society for Democracy in Iran
Democracy for America in Orange County
Iranian-American Democrats of New York
Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats (BAIAD)
Iranian American Democrats of Irvine
Iranian American Democrats of Los Angeles
Iranian American Democrats of San Diego
Iranian American Republican Council (Los Angeles)
The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, IHRDC (Connecticut)
National Iranian American Council, NIAC (Washington D.C.)
Network of Iranian American Society, NIAS (Orange County)
Pars Equality Center (Bay Area)
Persian Gulf online (worldwide)
The Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans, PAAIA (Washington D.C.)

Political Participation
Iranian-American Participation in Political Campaigns - Iranian Studies Group at MIT (January 2004)

Political Parties
Constitutionalist Party of Iran (CPI)
Green Party (Irvine)
Iran National Front (Washington D.C.)
Iran National Front (Bay Area)
Marze Por-Gohar (Los Angeles)
PanIranism (Bay Area)
United Republicans (DC/Irvine)

Professional Associations
Anjoman (Bay Area)
Association of Iranian American Professionals in San Diego (AIAP)
Association of Iranian Professionals of Austin
Association of Professors and Scholars of Iranian Heritage (APSIH)
The American Association of Teachers of Persian
The Association of Iranian American Writers (Philadelphia)
Iranian Academic Association, IAA (New York)
Iranian Academic Association (Washington D.C.)
Iranian American Bar Association (Washington D.C.)
IABA (San Diego)
Iranian Librarians Association of America (LA)
Iranian/American Professional Society of Oregon
Iranian Chemists Association (Connecticut)
Iranian American Society of Civil Engineers (Irvine)
Iranian American Society of Engineers and Architects (Dallas)
Network of Iranian Professionals of New York
Professional Iranian Networking Society (Washington D.C.)
Society of Iranian Architects & Planners (Los Angeles)
Society of Iranian Professionals of Texas
Society of Iranian Professionals (Washington D.C.)

Health Associations
Academy of Persian Physicians (Southren California)
Beverly Hills Iranian-American Doctors (BHIAD)
Iranian Dental Association of California (IDAC)
Iranian American Dental Association (LA)
Iranian Dental Club (Washington D.C.)
Iranian American Medical Association (New Jersey)
Iranian American Mental Health Society (Irvine)
Iranian-American Life Science Network (San Diego)
Iranian Psychological Association of America (LA)
Iranian American Nurses Association (Texas)
Iranian American Psychological Association (Los Angeles)
Iranian Society of Ophthalmologists & Vision Scientists (Kentucky)
Iranian Medical Society of Greater Washington
Persian American Cancer Institute
Persian American Society for Health Advancement (Southern California)
Student Alliance for Health Advocacy and Research (Rhode Island)

Iranian Studies
The American Institute of Iranian Studies (New York)
The Association for the Study of Persianate Societies (Chicago)
Center for Iranian Studies (Columbia U.)
Encyclopedia Iranica - Center for Iranian Studies (New York)
Foundation for Iranian Studies, FIS (Maryland)
The International Society for Iranian Studies
Iranian Studies (UCLA)
Iranian and Persian Studies (Harvard)
Iranian Studies (Stanford)
The Iranian Studies Initiative (Yale)
International Qajar Studies Association (Santa Barbara)
Persian Studies (UT Austin)
Persian Studies (UC Irvine)
Persian Studies (U. Maryland)
Persian and Iranian Studies (U. Washington)

American Foundation for Contemporary Iranian Art (S. California)
Art of Iran (Virginia)
Beyond Persia (Bay Area)
Iranian Art Foundation (New York)
Iranian Visual Artist (LA)
Pasfarda (Chicago)
Persian Arts Festival (New York)
Persian Arts Society (LA)
Rumi Art Society (Austin)

Cultural & Educational Organizations
Andisheh (Oregon)
Bahar Society (Los Angeles)
Boarders across Alliances (Boston)
Center for Iranian Research and Analysis, CIRA (Connecticut)
Cupertino Iranian Community (Bay Area)
Danesh Institute (Indiana)
Evecina Cultural & Educational Foundation (Irvine)
Farhang Foundation (S. California)
Ferdosi Society (Bay Area)
House of Iran (San Diego)
Inter Cultural Center , ICC (Virginia)
International Soceity for Iranian Culture, ISIC (New York)
Iramerican Civic Society of America (Washington D.C.)
Iranian Alliances Across Borders, IAAB (Virginia)
Iranian American Society of California
Iranian American Society of New York (IAS)
Iranian Association of Boston
Iranian Community Center (Irvine)
Iranian Cultural Center of Orange County (ICCOC)
Iranian Cultural Society of America (Pennsylvania)
Iranhouse (Chicago)
Iranian American Society of Greater Daytona Beach
Iranian Cultural Club (Fresno)
Iranian Cultural Foundation (Houston)
Iranian Cultural Society (Illinois)
Iranian Cultural Society of Philadelphia
Iranian-American Comunity of Utah (IACU)
Iranian-American Cultural Society of Maryland
Iranian Cultural Center (Flordia)
Iran Cultural and Educational Center (Maryland)
Iranian Cultural Society of New Mexico
Iranian American Society of New York
Iranian American Cultural Association (Washington DC)
Iranian American Community Alliance (Seattle)
Iranian American Meetup
Iranian American Parents Association of Beverly Hills
Iranian-American Volunteer Alliance, IAVA (Virginia)
Iransara Community Association of Southern Arizona (Tucson)
Iran Heritage (Southern California)
Iranian Women's Studies Foundation, IWSF (Massachusetts)
Jewel of Persia (Irvine)
Kamal Cultural Foundation (San Diego)
Kanoon Iran (Virginia)
Mehrgan Foundation (San Diego)
Mehregan: Iranian Teachers Association (Washington D.C.)
Organization of Iranian Scholars (San Diego)
Palos Verdes Iranian Youth Cultural Society
Pars Educational and Cultural Society (Chicago)
Persia Cultural House (Virgina)
Persia House (Michigan)
Persian American Society (San Mateo)
Persian Center (Berkeley)
Persian Cultural Center of the Carolinas (Charllote)
Persian Chorus (Berkeley)
Persian Cultural Center (Virginia)
Central Virginia Iranian American Society
Persian Cultural Foundation (New Jersey)
Persian Cultural Center (San Diego)
Persian Comunity Center of Atlanta
Persian Cultural & Humanitarian Association (New Jersey)
Persian Parade (NY)
Persian Studies and Persia House at PSU (Portland)
Philadelphia Persian Society
Rumi Educational Center (Santa Barbara)
Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute (Washington D.C.)
Shabeh Jomeh
Society for Promotion of Persian Culture (Indiana)
Texas Persian Cultural Center
The Translation Project (Bay Area)
Wisconsin Persians

IMAN (Los Angeles)
Islamic Foundation (Canoga Park)
Islamic Institute of New York
Iranian Christians International (Colorado Springs)
Persian Ministries
Iranian American Jewish Association (Political)
Iranian American Jewish Federation (S. California)
Chabad Persian Youth
The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the US (Illinois)
Islamic Center Locator
SABA (Bay Area)
The Zarathushtrian Assembly (Anaheim)
Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America, FEZANA (Illinois)
California Zoroastrian Center
Zoroastrian Association of North Texas

Educational Foundations (Scholarships)
Amouzegar Scholarship in Persian Studies
Bita Daryabari Scholarship for Women in Economics
The Dabiri Foundation
The Hand Foundation
Houtan Scholarship Foundation (New Jersey)
IABA Scholarship
Iranian-American Scholarship Fund (San Diego)
Iranian Artist Scholarship, EP (Washington D.C.)
IAB Scholarship (Boston)
IFWC Scholarships (Bay Area)
Iranian American Society
Islamic Scholarship Fund
Dr. M.A. Modjtahedi Foundation (Student Loan Fund)
Momeni Foundation (Oregon)
Nahal Scholarship Foundation (Bay Area)
Alireza Pahlavi Fellowship (Minnesota)
Persian Scholarship Program
Society of Iranian American Women for Education, SIAWE (Texas)
U. Maryland Persian Flagship Program Scholarship

Persian Schools
Eftekhar Persian School (Milwaukee)
Ferdowsi Persian Language School (New York)
Golestan Kids (Berkeley)
GWC Huntington Beach
UC Davis Iranian Alumni Association Scholarship
IEC (Houston)
Iranian Community School (Virginia)
Iranian School of San Diego
Kharazmi Persian School (New Jersey)
Khayam Educational Group (Orange County)
Persian Academy (Washington DC)
Persian School of Seattle
Payvand School (Bay Area)
New York City Classes

Persian Courses
College & Universities offering Persian courses

Student Organizations
Iranian Student Alliance in America (Berkeley)
Iranian Studies Group at MIT (Cambridge)

Support Groups

Association of Iranian American Seniors (AIAS)

Jame Doosti
Unity Cup

Iranian Women's Studies Foundation (IWSF)
Iranian Women's Society (S. Califronia)
The Women's Center (Maryland)
Unique Zan Foundation (S. California)

Camp Ayandeh
Iranian-American Youth (Washington D.C.)
Iranian-American Youth Leadership Workshop (S. California)
PAAIA Nexgen
PerGen (S. California)

Charities & Relief Organizations
Alavi Foundation (New York)
Ashiané (New York)
Alborz Humanitarian Foundation (Southern California)
Bam-Iran.org (New Jersey)
Bonyad Norooz (North Carolina)
Boroumand Foundation (New York)
Child Foundation (Oregon)
Children's Hope International Literacy & Development (California)
Children of Persia (Maryland)
Earthquake Relief Funds for Orphans (Massachusetts)
Healing For Iran (Ohio)
Iranian Children (Southern California)
International Society for Children with Cancer (S. California)
Iranian Refugees Alliance Inc. (New York)
Kahrizak Charity Foundation (Los Angeles)
Komak (Virginia)
Omeed (Massachusetts)
Massiah Foundation (Boston)
Mehr Humanitarian Society (New Jersey)
Omid Foundation (Maryland)
PARSA Community Foundation
Rahmat Foundation (New York)
Razi Health Foundation (New Jersey)

Human Rights Organizations
The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC)
Iranian Society for Human Rights (California)
Gozaar (Washington, DC)

7Rooz (Bay Area)
Concerts & Clubs
New York Persians
NW Persians
Seattle Iranians
Persian Events (East Coast)
Persian Events (East Coast & Europe)

Related Links
Iranian Diaspora

12-16-2011, 04:03 PM
This could make for bad press within the party.

12-16-2011, 04:08 PM
This could make for bad press within the party.

Which is true, but sad since I would imagine virtually none of these organizations has anything whatsoever to do with the governing authorities of the state of Iran.

How many people with families there weep at the possibility of Iran opening up to a friendly world?

12-16-2011, 04:09 PM
This could make for bad press within the party.

Exactly, not only that but many of those Persian societies probably support regime change in Iran and would like the U.S. to bomb Iran and overthrow the religious government there.

12-16-2011, 04:12 PM
Yeh this might backfire. Plus, i think Iranian-Americans want regime change/intervention, similar to Cuban-Americans.

12-16-2011, 04:13 PM
I might be wrong but I think Iranians prefer US going into Iran

12-17-2011, 12:11 PM
I might be wrong but I think Iranians prefer US going into Iran

I highly doubt that any sizeable proportion of the Iranian diaspora is in favour of intervention.

I am an Australian of Iranian background. My family had to escape Iran due the religious persecution so like the majority of the Iranian diaspora I deeply resent the current theocratic regime
Iranians against the current regimen overwhelmingly believe that the overthrowing of the regime has to come from within and tend to be totally against any sort of foreign intervention of their affairs. I am completely against foreign intervention out of principle but also because history has shown time and time again how intervention has led and solidified the current regime. The CIA led overthrow of Mossadeg's democratic regime to put the Shag in 53 was the main factor 26 years after of the revolution. Iraq's war on Iran helped Iranians of all persuasions rally to defend the country against Sadam which helped solidify what was then an infant and volatile regime.

During the 2009 protests in Iran the message by Iranian reformerers and liberals in and out of Iran was one of support to the protesters but also of calling foreign powers (specially the USA) of not intervening as this would help weaken/divide protesters and help the regime to crack down on them.

The only organized "Iranian" based group probably favoring war are MEK linked groups. The MEK is an Iranian based marxist/islamist terrorist group(recognized as such by the USA). The MEK are deeply loathed by all types of Iranians due their undiscriminating attacks. they sided with Sadam Husen in Iraq's-Iran war. They were once deeply anti-american, they participated on US's embassy kidnapping in Tehran but now they have suddenly warmed up to neocons asking them to get them off the foreign terrorist organizations list among other things. John Bolton, yes the same guy Gingrich wants to make secretary of state is a MEK sympathiser who made a speech in one of their conference, which is a crime under American law:

On January 25, 2011, Bolton drew a standing ovation at a Brussels conference in support of the MEK, giving a speech in which he "backed MEK’s legitimacy, and the notion of removing it from the list of terrorist organizations."[108] Georgetown law professor David D. Cole has pointed out that "the United States government has labeled the Mujahedeen Khalq a 'foreign terrorist organization,' making it a crime to provide it, directly or indirectly, with any material support [including] engag[ing] in public advocacy to challenge a group’s 'terrorist' designation," under the Supreme Court's 2010 decision in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project.[109]


12-17-2011, 12:32 PM
If any one of those organizations were later found to be linked to terrorist activities, there would be some major problems for anyone concerned with this idea. (not saying any of them are)

12-17-2011, 05:38 PM
My doctor who saw through my pregnancy and delivered my daughter is Iranian. Nicest guy. I loved him as my doctor. During one conversation he had mentioned he fled Iran, disowned his country and that he is as American as apple pie. That was back in 03. I know he still practices. I wonder what he thinks of Ron Paul, as a fellow ob/gyn and this insane obsession from the other GOP candidates who want to go to war with Iran.

12-17-2011, 05:45 PM
Be careful, someone might consider you a terrorist ;p

12-19-2011, 07:05 AM
If some (maybe prominent) Iranian-Americans who have fled Iran in exile would come out supporting Ron Paul, while at the same time talking about the horrific and oppressive government, he could get a boost it.