View Full Version : Give a Ron Paul REvolution welcome to Rudy.

11-08-2007, 12:28 AM
Gulliani's coming to Sioux Falls, Wednesday the 14th, and we need as many people there as possible. It's basically an all day event.

I've already contacted meet-up groups in Vermillion, Tea, Brookings, Rapid, and Sioux City. But some of them don't seem to be active. This could be a big event to get some good media exposure in South Dakota.I know we're a late primery, but this is going to be a long battle, so I still think we're important.

We have groups from South Dakota that go up to Iowa all the time to help out with things. Are their groups in Iowa, Minnisota, or Nebraska or other groups close to the southeastern corner of South Dakota that would be willing to drive up and help out with Bird Dogging Rudy? As well as showing people that Ron Paul is a viable alternative here?

The Meet-up event is here.