View Full Version : Stark terms. We will go to war if my opponents are elected in search of WMD's

12-16-2011, 08:05 AM
"Are you the American people ready to go into another 10 year war in search of WMD's paid for with more barrowing from China and with the lives of your Children, not the children of those elected? Your Children WILL go to war with Iran if any of my opponents are elected. If this is what you want the choice is yours?"

This is the ad RP should run. Forget the details of Iran, what is the real big picture. Anybody running more hawkist than obama, who is now on the verge of war with Iran, WILL start a war with Iran. This is the winning issue because the American people do NOT want to go into another war and I believe in these stark terms they will chose one that is proceived as somewhat weak on defence to someone that WILL start a war with Iran. If he runs this ad it will be all of the other candidates that are put on the defensive when asked about it because they know that in stark terms that is not a position that can get elected.