View Full Version : Ron Paul Ebay Auctions

11-07-2007, 04:55 PM
What if ebay auction sellers could pledge 1%, 5%, 10% or 100% of auction proceeds to be donated to Ron Paul's campaign? If the ron paul campaign cooperated, you could then set up a system where the buyer can check up on the seller after the money is sent and make sure that money was actually donated to the ron paul campaign because of that auction.

Ron Paul supporters could try to buy from ron paul supported ebay auctions, which might raise the price, making up the difference in the 1% or 5% pledge cases.

It also provides an avenue for people who don't have another $100 to find things around the house to sell on ebay and raise money for the campaign.

Does anyone know if the Ron Paul Campaign would cooperate in providing a special web donation form where people can enter an ebay item # that the donation was linked to, and then make that information public?