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My friend wrote me this and I thought it worthy of sharing:

Patrick Alan Swigart

I know that the polls are often based upon only 1000 interviews people somewhere, and I know that the media can choose to show or not show them. When they are shown, they often put a spin on it by adding some comment like, "Well, sure if you are going to talk only to the people in Iowa," and taint the results, somehow.

But I've got something you can check daily and it doesn't have to do with whether the material is positive, negative, or neutral. It has to do with who is in the public mind and how much is being posted about them.

First, go to http://www.youtube.com and in the search window type in or paste the name of the candidate with a comma and a space and the word, "today," after it. That is how you filter your search to get only the most recent stuff posted when you search:

Newt Gingrich, today
Mitt Romney, today
Michele Bachmann, today
Herman Cain, today
Ron Paul, today
Rick Santorum, today
Barack Obama, today

Okay, now I'm going to give you a poll. There is no specific question. I just want to see who is in the public's mind in any way, shape, or form. Here are my results for Saturday, December 10, at 9:00 a.m.:

Newt Gingrich, today = 204
Mitt Romney, today = 141
Michele Bachmann, today = 20
Herman Cain, today = 49
Ron Paul, today = 627
Rick Santorum, today = 24
Barack Obama, today = 264

Now results are results unless they have been tampered with. I leave it up to you to make whatever you want of my polling results. Is there something anomalous or significant? What does it mean. We are the animal that makes meaning out of what we can see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and intuit. Have at it.

What if I just use the last name. What difference will that make?

Gingrich, today = 220
Romney, today = 164
Bachmann, today = 83
Cain, today = 190
Paul, today = 3,810
Santorum, today = 38
Obama, today = 1300

Now let's assume that Obama is going to have more no matter what because he is president, now, and the butt of all jokes on Leno, Letterman, Conan, etc. So we expect an anomaly there. And let's realize that without the first and last name Ron Paul gets everything that has the first name Paul in it. So let's use his number from the previous search and that still puts him out there as the frontrunner in the public's mind behind Obama. (Most people can't spell Barack and can't spell Michele and can't spell Bachmann so that will account for some skewing of the data, too, to be fair. But Ron Paul does not only have a chance of being nominated, he has a real chance of being elected. "We the People" are being removed from the equation.

Okay, let's do it again with Google. It does not offer us a filter so I will just put in first and last names only:

Newt Gingrich = 71 million
Mitt Romney = 48 million
Michele Bachmann = 25 million
Herman Cain = 85 million
Ron Paul = 121 million
Rick Santorum = 9 million
Barack Obama = 366 million

Again, I get the same results: Ron Paul is not only the frontrunner, but he is electable.

Now, for truly disturbing result that I purposely kept out of my poll. It shows at any time what Americans and others have come to occupy themselves with as the great ship of America is sinking:

Lady Gaga (youtube.com) = 783,000
Lady Gaga (google.com) = 700 million

Results provided by:
Patrick Alan Swigart

He is a long time RP supporter and the guy who converted me (one of the unwashed masses) to Dr. Paul. peek in at his site make his day.

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