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12-08-2011, 11:57 AM

Honestly, I created this event ((http://www.facebook.com/events/203786723029474/) ) (1850 RSVP so far) not only to help Ron Paul reach a bigger base on social networks (which is important in itself) but to help get the WORD OUT about the campaign right before the TeaParty '11 Money Bomb. (http://teaparty11.com)

Well, I have now decided to switch things around a bit. I'm going to post in the message (that currently 1850 RSVP's will be sending out) the information about the Tea Party Money Bomb & the Super Brochures, if only these RSVP's forward the message to 20 people, then 40,000 people will get the message... if 5,000 of those people that get the message forward it to 20 of their friends, that's 100,000, and that could be just the beginning.

That's a pretty big audience, but if we want to make it bigger and ensure people get the message, I need YOUR help.

I hope the people that have been pessimistic about this whole event until now will wake up and realize: Wait, this is FREE advertising for Ron Paul, anyone can spread the word and do this without donating anything, which I hope you will donate as well as participate in this historic event.

Time is short so if you want to helpget the word out about this by the 12th:
1. keep this Thread bumped up so others will know about it,
2. Post to all your social networks and try to invite people to the event
3. Advertise it on all Ron Paul Facebook pages and post it on your website

Even though I'm just one person, together, we are an army that CANNOT be stopped.

Thanks and may candidate with the best grassroots win!

RSVP and Spread the word: http://www.facebook.com/events/203786723029474/

12-08-2011, 05:18 PM
trying to reach 2000 rsvp's

12-09-2011, 07:41 AM