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12-05-2011, 06:15 PM
An undecided voter friend asked me to look over this link she found and tell her what I thought:

She sent a private FB message:

Can you take a look @ this article and address these issues?

I went through and answered each issue the best I could with the following response:

Sure. First off, let me say I don't agree with all of Ron Paul's ideas, either, but that when measured against the rest of his ideas, he's definitely got my vote. I think you have to be an unthinking idyot to just go along 100% with anything a politician says or believes....That said....

1. I basically agree with this repeal. Since when should race play a role in deciding who gets into college or scholarships. It should be done based on scores and merit, not color of skin. I don't even think colleges should be allowed to ask about race on applications. What does it really matter? This is classic "Federal government get out of the way voting by Ron Paul. Although if states want to mandate this kind of thing, as always, Ron Paul supports that, just not at the federal level.

2. Although Ron Paul is personally basically pro-life because he's a doctor and seeing an abortion once left a very deep impression on him, he believes that it isn't up to the federal governmet to decide on these issues. Roe v. Wade stands in the way of letting states do what states want to do, which is why he is against it. At the same time, he would never support legislation that banned it at the federal level either. Do you see an ideological pattern forming here? :)

3. Once again this is about federal interference in individual state issues. I think people should get paid for the work they do, and the free market should decide how much that's worth, not a federal mandate. Again, if states want to institute minimums, Ron Paul would not be against that. Social security is a huge drain on the entire system and desperately needs reform. Ron Paul has a whole plan to let those under 30 opt out and other options for those between 30 and 50 I think, keeping things the same for those older because they've paid in for so long. These are hard issues, but something absolutely has to change. We are broke!

4. Ron Paul has never, ever voted to raise taxes while in the House. He always votes against new taxes in all their forms and the bottom line is he believes the federal government needs to get off the backs of Americans. His plan also calls for the end of the Federal Reserve, which would stop the ciphoning of wealth from the middle class by the ruling class by taking away their power to create money and give it to their bankster friends. So yes, he has supported cutting taxes, which would include taxes on the rich as well, but most rich people aren't paying payroll taxes anyway! They pay capital gains taxes because all their income is capital gains. You might remember Warren Buffett joking that he pays a lower tax rate than his 40k a year secretary....that's the reason...

5. I pretty much outright disagree with his stance on environmental issues. We need to pursue clean energy. But NO ONE in Washington really supports this. It's a shame. Part of the reason he's all for this is because his district is Galveston....lots of oil offshore...Also, I think we need to protect federal preserves and national forests and parks. He supports selling some of these lands off to private entities. I really hate his stance on this. I think you understand why.

6. The U.N. stifles the independence of the United States and is unnecessary in my opinion, as well as Ron Paul's. The UN is another bureaucracy that seeks to move us toward world governance, removing sovereignty from the US and placing it in the hands of foreign, unelected persons....not cool. I think Ron Paul's non-interventionist ideas would help our image globally, not harm it. I think anyone who can think clearly can see the logic in this. We need to mind our own business. Ron Paul will always be against allowing international bodies to tell the US what to do. I think this is smart.

7. Ron Paul currently represents the voters of Texas' 14th district in Galveston. If his constituents are against gay marriage, don't you think it's his job to represent his constituency? I do. Although, yes, he is a religious conservative, it is true that he would NEVER interfere with a state's ability to define for itself what marriage is or is not on a state level. Classic Ron Paul state's rights stance. Yeah, personally he doesn't like it, but this is a philosophical difference and the constitution would guide his stance on this from the viewpoint of President, which would be no opinion at all except for executing the will of the constitution, which says that whatever powers are not expressly given to the federal govt via the document are expressly reserved for the states to decide.

8. Gun control. Ron Paul, once again, says "feds stay out of it." He believes, and I agree, that a population stripped of its arms is a population ready to be abused by its government. Not saying it would come to that, but whatever, everyone has different opinions on this. I don't own a gun, but I kinda wish I did just in case the shit hits the fan and lawlessness becomes rampant. I would like to be prepared for that day and just hope it never comes...

9. Again classic, "feds get out of it" stance. It is no secret that since the department of education was formed and the federal government basically took over the education system in this country, our scores have become very sad and shitty. You know all about the messed up bureaucracy that exerts its bullshit over teachers every day. This whole system needs an overhaul. I don't know what the answer is, and I'm ambivalent on the issue, I just know whatever we've been doing for the last 50 years isn't effing working and is wasting taxpayer dollars on a huge system that has failed to prepare american children for a competitive job market.

10. Ron Paul is once again representing his constituency with his quotes on church/state. His stance as a president would be that they need to be separate. Our founding fathers had a huge hard-on for this idea because they knew that government intertwined with religion was bad shit. Ron Paul gets that. He's not gonna let his personal beliefs betray his duty to uphold and protect the constitution. You can count on that.

The guy that wrote this article asks good questions, but jumps to a lot of boogie-man scary conclusions. I'm not sure what his agenda was, but he missed the mark on a lot of things. I hope that helps. :)


So did I do okay? Where did I miss the mark? I know some of this is riddled with my own opinions, but I think it's important to represent that you aren't just 100% lockstep with the ideas of any given candidate, plus honesty is the best policy. This is my first post on these forums. Please be honest but gentle. :P

12-05-2011, 06:23 PM
PS I was too lazy to actually go read what Ron Paul's specific social security reform plan is and how it works, so I know I flubbed that one, but whatever.

12-15-2011, 03:01 AM
Can I add some more to the questions? There are still very large undecided population over voting Ron Paul. Not because of foreign policy, or liberty or etch... since that is far from most people's reality, its more like....

What would happen with poor families and the lower middle class which almost more than half of population?
Poor family know how hard they work just to pay rent, meet very expensive medicals to hardly afford and the harder it gets making ends meet. What happens to these families? Would they be left stranded on their own?
How do they get educations, or afford to the daily needs of their children since already having hard time with daily living?
What happens to all crappy roads, water sewage, post office and other public infrastructures to help the people?
What about the high prices and the sources of electricity and how about transportation affordability?
Where will work come from and how is it going to happen for the poor and long term unemployed?
What about the over exploitation of the poor and lower workers and about job securities?
What about surviving the running of businesses?
The fracking of coal seams mines and other health, hazardous, safety issues and environmental?
Affordability of food and maintain that Americans and its locals can control its supply and prices for everyone,

If Ron Paul campaign gets to answer all of those in really down to Earth layman's term, and should be something that normal person just getting by could understand, and it should also be more than satisfy a very negative skeptic and have lost of faith voter to the whole political system, then that will surely secure Ron Paul in all election...