View Full Version : For Diehard neocons that are the 30% that still support the war.

11-07-2007, 09:48 AM
This video
Movie "No End in Sight"


After watching this "Just come home" Sounds pretty good.
Also fixing mistakes rather than saving face.
This movie counters Huckbee speech at the debate too.

And wipes the democrats out to, with them saying we need to be their until 2013

11-07-2007, 04:37 PM
For me, I've had to ask myself how important this war is to me compared with other issues such as:
Amnesty for Illegals
The Patriot Act
Income Tax
Failed War on Drugs
North American Union (rumor or not)
[insert your own]

After comparison, the war is a LOT less important to me. This is only my opinion. I know there are many wholehearted supporters of Dr. Paul here in SPITE of his opinion on the war. I would ask the diehard pro-war voter to compare each candidates stance on the issues that are important to him/her and ask if staying in the war is worth giving up on the others? A voter who's sole concern is maintaining the war will never be won over. A voter who has even one issue more important to him/her could still be a convert if his/her favorite disagrees on that issue or issues. Once you get a pro-war person to calm down long enough to listen to you, of course.