View Full Version : Everyone on Twitter and Facebook (READ FOR THE MONEY BOMB)

12-05-2011, 04:50 PM
Hello everyone.

Everyone out there needs to tweet that teaparty 11 website every few hours all day long every day till the money bomb. I just started a new twitter account for Ron Paul and the tweets for the money bomb are already getting re tweeted.

You need to schedule these out ahead of time if you are busy. To do this you should get something that will allow you to schedule them out.

Here is a program that will allow you to do that and it is at my favorite price ď FREEĒ


This is the most powerful piece of software out there for scheduling tweets and facebook posts.

If you are posting a lot on facebook, you should post it at least once per day. Donít clutter your wall up with the same post.

This needs to be out there in front of people 24/7. We need to have that moneybomb post or tweet in front of them any time they look up Ron Paul on a twitter or facebook search.

Take two hours now and schedule tweets and posts from today till dec 16th and you wonít have to do anything else.

We really need to pull 20+million on this and the social networks are the key. Ron Paulís facebook has over 600,000 people. We need to get networked with them now. If 50% of those people donate, we just pulled 30 million for Ron Paul

Donít forget to put links to the teaparty site and the video in every post you make on the forum. We need to use the power of the forums to push that site and video up in google.

Make sure they are anchor text links like the ones below:

Ron Paul (http://youtu.be/FiDZKf74IR0)

Tea Party (http://www.teaparty11.com)