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12-05-2011, 02:02 PM
I invest alot of my time in the local "core" music scene of my area, as well as some of the parties that go down rife with underage drinking, drugs, ect. Usually when I'm at one of these... "events" politics of some sort always come up. The more buzzed I feel, the more the subject frequents my conversation. One thing I've noticed is that apathy is rampant and awareness is almost non-existent. (Almost no one votes, or they jumped on the Obama train, and still didn't vote.) The highschoolers and college-age (My age group) people there don't seem to think that it effects them in anyway, and that there's no point to worrying about it, hence the blunt in their left hand and Vodka or Busch Light in the other.

There has got to be a way I can quickly and effectively raise awareness on political issues and the importance of Ron Paul and make them realize that EVERYTHING effects the way they live. Alot of the people I usually end up partying with or just hanging out with are big music enthusiasts, and spend alot of time going to shows.

I've thought on some Talking Points to try and raise awareness based on our interests. Please make suggestions as to how I can improve these talking points in any way, make new ones, ect.

Taxes: gas taxes, subsidies for certain corporations,It's hard to shell out even 10$ for a local show that is an hour and half away with the current price of gas. (Especially when they are kids just out of high-school making 10$ an hour if they are lucky.) Your favorite band doesn't have enough money to tour through your state? Make them ask the most important question, "Why"

The issues I've found that have really resounded with alot of people there our age are:

The Patriot Act: Anyone being branded a terrorist doesn't go over to well.
Drug Legalization: As much as I hate to do it, there are alot of kids who light up either in the back parking lot, their car, ect and making sure the know that Obama is using the Federal Government to shut down pot shops, regardless of what the perspective state's laws are on the matter, and that Ron Paul is for legalization.
The Wars: Everyone usually seems to be anti-war. Reminding them Paul has been again all forms of Imperialism since day one seems easy.
Corporate Capitalism: There is alot of hate for "capitalism" out there. Point out that we have never had anything close to a true free market, and that we in fact now have a system which benefits corporations and big business thanks to the government meddling in the market. Not true capitalism.
Consistency: Paul is someone who doesn't flip flop. He almost always votes no. He isn't Obama, and he won't flipflop once he gets into office.
Regulation: Make sure they know why its so hard for venues to function when they are being crushed by over-regulation. Make sure they know why they can't have a show at their house without all the proper permits. Permits for this, permits for that. Carbon emission regulations that make vehicles more expensive, and make it more likely that kids won't be able to afford a vehicle and hence make it to shows.
Piracy. This is a big issue. I need to make them realize that Paul seems through the media giants efforts to use the government to try and "contain" piracy. Paul, as well as all of us, can see the much bigger picture as to the precedent those laws will set.
Internet Censorship: The beauty of sites like StrikeGently, 4chan, ect is that it allows people to say whats on their mind, regardless of what it is. Government involvement in the internet for any reason will simply open the floodgates to controlling it.
Small Government: The best way to solve social issues and bring the most power to the people to control how they will choose to live. It solves the gay marriage, abortion, and multitude of social issues that Politicians use as distractions to avert our gaze to the real issues.
Power: Power corrupts. If you have the power to enforce your will upon your neighbors, so do they. Wouldn't it be better to simply restrict the abilibity to ever obtain the kind of power that the Federal Government has?
Federal Reserve: A private group of people with no accountability that can change the interest rates at will and thus determine just how much buying power our dollar has.

Now, I end up going to alot of shows, usually more indie, hard-core, metal-core, ect shows that usually attract people of my age, and usually younger, around 16- 24. I've seen other social-minded advocacy groups use popular Summer shows, tour, ect, like Vans Warped Tour, Summer Slaughter, Taste Of Chaos, Lolapooza, Sumerfest, ect. to promote and hand out pamphlets and literature. Usually its ends up being PETA or one of the Green groups, and it got me thinking, Why can't people our age who support Ron Paul do the same? I've been thinking of handing out stuff at shows, fests, tours, ect, but I really lack the guts to initiate conversation unless alcohol is involved. When I see people smoking weed, its easier to start up the conversation, but thats just in that situation.

I've been able to use rules at venues that ban moshing as an example of why it's important to curb lawsuits, initiate tort reform, and point out that the regulations and liability places face has an effect upon our fun at shows. But again, thats just when that situation arises and I people ranting about why they can't mosh or throw down.

Does anyone have ideas and/or suggestions as to what I could do?

12-07-2011, 09:32 AM
All I can think of right now is merging OWS with the RP Revolution movement in the form of a questionare/survey acknowledging the importance of their feedback -- what creative, revolutionary, entrepreneurial things do they want to do? Check the Daily Kos 'Minister of Truth' diary.

Compare the original Tea Party 'don't tax our tea!' with the Marijuana Party 'don't criminalize our plants!' the Mosh Party 'don't criminalize our moshes!' and other "Party" issues. Have an actual 'herbal' tea party with some 'homegrown cannabis teas' -- does an herbal tea/cannabis mix dissolve well in hot water and still have the psychoactive effect?

Do an ipad or iphone download and save and show the best youtube videos of both OWS and RP and how they are similar. There's a vid of RP being 'mic checked' by OWS and how he responded in favor of them. On youtube there's fun and colorful RP interviews with Jay Leno, Bill Mahrs, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, The View ladies....mix in some Jesse Ventura and Joe Rogan vids of their admiration for RP.

That's a start! :-)