View Full Version : Help us Send Out FREE Grassroots Campaigning Supplies for Ron Paul just by xmas shopping!

12-05-2011, 12:54 PM
Hey everyone!
Please help www.shop4liberty.com send out Free Ron Paul Activist Kits to Supporters all over the nation by using the fundraiser on the site.

How it works:
Shop4Liberty's Ron Paul Fundraiser has set up affiliate relationships with sites like Linkshare.com, Commission Junction, Amazon.com and CafePress- by doing so, whenever a visitor to the site clicks on a banner ad and purchases an item from any of the 100+ Major retailers on the site, a commission is paid directly to the Ron Paul Fundraiser by Shop4Liberty. 100% of the funds raised go to the creation and distribution of FREE Ron Paul Activist Kits for Supporters all over the nation. (Sign up for yours at the site!)

So far we have only been able to send out a few a week-- lets make that a few hundred! Spread the word! There are tons of cool sites to shop through- including places like CafePress-- where you can design your own shirts- mugs- etc.. or purchase Ron Paul materials that you can't get through the official campaign site (always shop the official store first! we recommend only purchasing Ron Paul items from CafePress that you can't find at RonPaul2012.com - such as a mug for the office..

We need as many people shopping through the site as possible this holiday season if we are going to come CLOSE to getting all of the requested kits out in time for the primaries. We need your help!

While not a registered 501(c)3 The Ron Paul Fundraiser is 100% not for profit. As a non- 501(c)3 - we are personally responsible for paying taxes on all revenues-- our small contribution to the cause- and to us, is well worth the avoidance of burdensome regulations and bureaucratic hoops and loops! Bank Statements are available upon request and commission earnings are posted regularly!

In Liberty,
Shop4Liberty Site Administrator
Jillian Pierone