View Full Version : All Systems GO: VIDEO Re-Cap of South Florida Campaign Office Grand Opening, HUGE success

12-05-2011, 11:11 AM
“All Systems GO in South Florida: Grassroots Campaign Office Grand Opening a Huge Success”

December 5, 2011
By: Chris Delamo

VIDEO Re-Cap of the Event:

The sounds of liberty-lovers conversing passionately about the economy, the wars, and the Federal Reserve filled the well-organized location where the South Florida Ron Paul Grassroots Campaign Office Grand Opening was being held. Young people, old people, middle-aged people, and a couple of dogs freely traversed the locations where banner-making, sign-making, phone banking, precinct walking, and other operations will be launched from.

With local Paul supporters and freedom-fighters converging under a singular libertarian philosophy, there was a turn out of over fifty as like-minded individuals took the time out of their Saturdays to send a message for themselves and those around them. And that message was: “we are here, and we do not need traditional centralized campaign efforts to lure us out of our homes. We are here to fight for liberty—on our own if need be.”

Speakers for the event included Manny Roman, Hector Roos, Marcus Rivchin, and Peter Santamaria. Their messages were consistent: work hard for liberty, put the time into the cause, and Ron Paul’s message will spread on its own accord.

The speaker system also resounded anti-war messages as the speeches were being directed to a crowd of enthusiastic supporters. But as is usually the case with Paul fans and the Libertarian cohort, the anti-war messages were often times followed by battle cries for the preservation of the second amendment. These are the philosophic consistencies that bind the worldviews that many Paul supporters hold.

The Grand Opening signals the start of an organized and dedicated operation designed to win Florida during the January primary at all costs. The South Florida office is 100% funded and staffed by volunteering, un-paid Ron Paul supporters—meaning absolutely no fiscal contributions from the official campaign. The large turnout, especially considering Ron Paul was not present at the event, shows the self-initiative that drives libertarians towards political and societal activism.

The Florida Primary is less than two months away. You can rest assured that the Ron Paul grassroots supporters in South Florida will be hard at work spreading the message and taking part in bold initiatives to awaken people to the ideas of liberty, peace, and prosperity.