View Full Version : Idea for Ron Paul Flyer Bomb: Runners and Sponsorers

12-02-2011, 04:00 PM
There's many volunteers that will contribute to this wonderful idea. But maybe we should split the "job". Have a link for "Sponsorers", and have a link for
"Runners". Many people will want to buy flyers....but they may not want to do the running around. You will have some supporters who would love to run around passing out flyers...but they don't have the money to purchase flyers. Kind of make it like a sponsorship as in a Fundraising Run. The runners add their name/picture to the RUNNER list, and they are committed to passing out flyers which are purchased by their "Sponsorer". Could be fun, and it will get more people involved. Some may be wondering what the heck they will do with 1000 flyers. They don't mind buying them, but they certainly aren't going to pass them all out!

12-05-2011, 01:11 PM
My brother and I do this regularly. He has much more money to blow than I- I have much more energy... So he will buy packets and packets of issue cards during the money bombs... and I will flyer bomb parking lots until they've all found a potential voter. :-)

Seems to work out pretty well. He has also funded much of my sign making-- and after he finally maxed out his contributions to the Ron Paul Campaign during the Black This Out MoneyBomb- he even donated $100 to www.Shop4Liberty.com to send out Free Ron Paul Activist Kits to Supporters all over the nation.

So yes, there are people out there who are capable of financing-- and there are people out there who are broke but energetic. Bringing the two together is essential! (This is also why we set up the Shop4Liberty Site-- so people who have the money to shop online for things they need.. Christmas presents etc... can help fund the distribution of Free Grassroots Campaigning Materials to Supporters all over the nation who might otherwise not have the funds to purchase similar materials. :-)