View Full Version : Everyone on this Forum Needs to bookmark the teaparty site and Video ASAP

12-02-2011, 03:14 PM
Hello all:

We need to get that teaparty11.com site on page 1 of google for the term " Tea Party. Everyone needs to digg that site and stumblupon it.

Also the same with the moneybomb video on youtube.

Make sure you put links in every post to them Like I have below

Tea Party (http://www.teaparty11.com)

Ron Paul (http://youtu.be/HECoRx8qTrA)

12-08-2011, 07:08 AM
As the founder and CEO of a very successful internet marketing company I know how powerful SEO can be. I do it for a living. If we could come up with and organized list of sites and keywords to go after I would gladly volunteer my time and resources. I would also need a budget to work with.

I've also been presented with the idea of doing social media bombs. Same concept as a money bomb, but instead of money, donating a tweet or FB like or bookmark or whatever. Surely this has been brought up before at the forum? If not, it needs to be discussed.

I know Ron Paul is very popular on the internet, but internet marketing could multiply that x 1000. Very powerful stuff guys, I'm telling ya. :)