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11-29-2011, 11:32 PM
I don't have any specific event planned but I do have an idea for one. The tricorne hat, the three cornered hats that the American colonists wore during that time period is a great symbol for us to wear during a protest or just a general media event since it is so iconic and dated. I've read that during the Revolutionary War there were no set uniforms for George Washington's forces and that they usually wore what they normally did for every day colonial life. If we had a tricorne hat, a Ron Paul Revolution shirt, and in the forefront leading the assembly perhaps a drummer and tin whistler or a fife playing Revolutionary Wartime songs, or perhaps the tune to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly would suffice, would get attention. They might ask, "Is this a re-enactment of something?" Then you can tell them, "It's 1776 baby! Down with the Fed, down with UN involvement, down with the New World Order! Ron Paul is our George Washington."

If Ron Paul wore one perhaps with Ron Paul Revolution (one on each corner?) I believe it is a terrific idea and it would demand media coverage, it also highlights the original tea party. Mr. Paul could lead out with, "Back in my day we had these things called a Bill of Rights, a Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. These are the documents our Founding Father's signed to create the Republic, for which we stand. George Washington was the original Republican, and here I am to bring us back to liberty's call." Let's see them try to black that out.

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