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11-29-2011, 10:58 PM
These might be great to work into T-shirts or just hand out to generate positive attention towards the Republican Candidate in question. The Ron Paul-Chuck Norris connection is there because Chuck had stated that Ron Paul was the only honest one in Congress, saying that he would have all the congressman line up and whoever Ron Paul said was dishonest Norris would choke out and drop into a pile. Here are my Ron Paul Facts, add more if you can.

Ron Paul is such a trustworthy congressmen that by word Chuck Norris would come and choke out anyone that voted nay after his yay.

Ron Paul is such a great Doctor that he could even revive the Constitution in 2012.

Dr. No from James Bond was named after Ron Paul's service record in Congress.

Once Doctor Who came to Washington DC. while Mr. Paul was at a hearing. He had to leave because to bring the Tardis too close to him would cause such a paradox that the timeline would reset back to George Washington's Inauguration.

Once they gave Ron Paul only 89 seconds in a Republican Primary debate, and he still won.

Ron Paul made a cameo appearance in Star Wars a New Hope, but he had to be cut out of the story because he would have stopped Senator Palpatine before he took office in The Phantom Menace.

Ron Paul stopped a bill single handedly. The Clintons were never quite the same.

Even though the Dos Equis guy doesn't always vote in Republican Primaries, but when he does, he votes Ron Paul.

They tried to bring Mr. Paul to Giza one day. They had to rush him back to the States before the Pyramids flipped over.

Ron Paul went on the Alex Jones show, and not even the Globalists could handle them bananas.

They don't dare ask, "Is there a doctor in the house?" while Ron is in Washington.

Once Congress became deathly ill, and when they called for a doctor Ron Paul made them swallow the Constitution.

Ron Paul legalized drugs, and the debt crisis disappeared.

Congress made hemp illegal and Ron Paul still made them inhale the Bill of Rights, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the original US flags.

Ron Paul is what Willis was talk'n about.

Ron Paul went to the Bohemian Grove, and the Globalists never came back.

Rick Perry pointed a finger at Ron Paul. Later that night Chuck Norris hit him so hard that Ron had to finish Perry's sentences for him.

Herman Cain was accused of a scandal to make him more popular. Ron Paul is so popular he is the scandal.

Even Ron Paul's huevos are considered a commodity for liberty's cause. (ronpaulsballs.com)

When Ron calls for a hearing in Congress, Senator Obama can be found at the UN.

When asked to go on Bill O'Reilly's Show, he vetoed.

When asked why he wouldn't go on O'Reilly's show, we found out that Bill never read the Constitution.

The Director prevented Ron Paul from being on the original Predator because they knew a team of Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura could not be beat.

If Ron Paul had been the Governator, California would never have gone bankrupt.

Ron Paul prevented Arnold Schwarzenegger from "coming back."

When Arnold said, "Get to the choppa!" he was running from Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is so honest the media has to censor him.

After seeing the fear Doctor Paul strikes into the governmental elites, Bugs Bunny invented the line "ahh, what's up doc?" None have dared answer him since.

Doctor Who named himself after Ron Paul, because he knew that in any timeline they'd know Who not to mess with.

Ron Paul can teach the deaf, mute and blind to recite the 1st Amendment.

Viruses don't infect Ron Paul for fear they will come down with libertarian.

When Ron Paul spreads a virus people get infected with the truth.

If they ever put Ron Paul into a mental ward the clinically insane would become the wise men of our time and the world would become the bedlam.

When Ron Paul speaks even Obama's teleprompter flashes Ron Paul 2012.

Ron Paul as President will end the troll.

Ron Paul's financial policies are as good as the gold they are minted on.

Thomas Jefferson had a haircut and looked in the mirror to see Ron Paul looking back at him.

Ron Paul cannot tell a lie; he cut down George Washington's cherry tree.

Hartman from The American Dream was inspired by Ron Paul.

Ron Paul's suit is not too big. You have to add a few inches just to fit his liberty.

You don't have to wait for Paul Revere to know that the Libertarian is coming!

Ron Paul went down to Georgia, and the devil never did show up.

George Washington began winning the Revolutionary War only after he had visions of Ron Paul in 2012.

It is said that if you stare at a picture of Ron Paul for too long you will see stars and stripes forever.

Even Confucious say Ron Paul 2012.

Bruce Lee once challenged Ron to a fight to the death. After seeing Dr. Paul's stance on the issues he honorably forfeited.

There has never been an attempt on Ron Paul's life because Chuck Norris wouldn't allow it.

Chuck Norris has only lost once, but Ron Paul is too polite to mention it.

11-30-2011, 09:42 AM
Once they gave Ron Paul only 89 seconds in a Republican Primary debate, and he still won.

Herman Cain was accused of a scandal to make him more popular. Ron Paul is so popular he is the scandal.

My favorites of the bunch.

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Ron paul Is what willis was talk'n about lmao ii love this