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Bosco Warden
11-26-2011, 09:22 PM
I need help debating on another forum, I just can't seem to put things together from the meds I am taking because of an injury. It's a pretty good group, appears to be equally split to but I do sense there might be a few intellectuals there, Lawyers, Financial advisers, etc..

Anyone? Just come on over and join in. Thanks!


11-28-2011, 08:08 PM
I need help debating on another forum, I just can't seem to put things together from the meds I am taking because of an injury. It's a pretty good group, appears to be equally split to but I do sense there might be a few intellectuals there, Lawyers, Financial advisers, etc..

Anyone? Just come on over and join in. Thanks!


I will target one post, and you can do the rest. I wont register there because that is a bit suspicious and not my style.

The thread is found here, and I believe this is what you were referring to. (http://www.dcjunkies.com/showthread.php?t=26206&page=2)

You can just copy and paste the post, preview it, and change anything that you feel misrepresents your opinion, or might need correcting(I did do this fairly quick.)

[@quote=rastaman]So what era in American history would a Ron Paul Admin. take America back to?[/quote] The future, where we have our liberties back, not this draconian authoritarianism that has destroyed civil liberties.
[@quote=rastaman]Simple put......Ron Paul will vote/support the wealthy elite against the U.S. Middle Class.[/quote]No, he is trying to end the corruption of the wealthy elite. Ron Paul wants to sort the producers from the abusers. He will end corporate welfare.
[@quote=rastaman]Ron Paul votes for deregulation of banks.(Housing Crisis/Credit Cards/Usury)[/quote]This is a misrepresentation of his policy. He wants to open the market for the little guy to compete, and get rid of regulations that help the big banks and businesses act negligently and destroy competition. This is how we battle the elites. Instead, the liberal policy has been giving crony capitalists more power.
[@quote=rastaman]Ron Paul Votes for Deregulation of Polluters British Petroleum[/quote]Which regulations specifically? If you read the actual regulations, you would see that the lobbyists have bought the regulators to benefit them, BP didn't get much, other than a slap on the wrist. If you pay attention to the fine print, the regulations that protect BP would be eliminated, and now companies like BP would be fully liable for their negligence. This is a more effective way to prevent the rabid polluters from having a total profit incentive, when they need both a quality incentive as well.
[@quote=rastaman]Ron Paul votes for Rich People Not Paying Taxes(How has that worked for you?)[/quote] Ron Paul votes for ALL people to not pay taxes, not just the rich. However, if you pay attention more to what actually comes out of Ron's mouth, and not publications/sites that demagogue his positions, you would know that Ron has no problem with taxing the crony capitalists. You can see his position here.

[@quote=rastaman]Ron Paul Votes Against the Poor:

The Elimination of the Minimum Wage[/quote]Because you have to face the reality of how minimum wage laws work.
Watch this, as Professor Block explains this in a manner that even a child can understand.

[@quote=rastaman]Voted against renewing the Civil Rights Act[/quote]We don't need it.
[@quote=rastaman]Said he would have voted against the first Civil Rights Act[/quote]Brown vs The Board of Education was ruled on 10 years prior to the CVA. But the CVA gets credit? You ignore the entire social movement that was needed, not the legislation to correct the culture problem. A culture problem that was STARTED by the government.

[@quote=rastaman]Ron Paul votes for Corporations every chance he gets. Get it through your head, Ron Paul is not an alternative. He is an elitist 30 year politician who wants America to go back to being a Plantation. His address where you send donation to is even on Plantation Drive. The man has done nothing for his district for the middle class or poor. His district is one of the most polluted, crime ridden, gang ridden and unemployed districts in the nation. Ron Paul can't fix his own backyard and wants to fix America. No Thanks.[/quote] If you don't want to know his true positions, then fine, that's your issue. But if you don't have honest criticisms, that that is bush league debate. You can falsify your opinion as much as you want, that doesn't change the reality.
The fact of the matter is, Ron Paul would empower the people. Our civil liberties would be enhanced, and we would have someone as President who didn't fight for corporate interests or union interests, but the interest of all people, and the rights of states that disagree, to go ahead with what they feel works best.

[@quote=rastaman]Ron Paul Votes against the disabled:
See Above[/quote]See above what? Are you aware that the ADA has hurt the disabled more than it helped?

[@quote=rastaman]Ron Paul Votes against women:
Ron Paul voted against women having the same pay as a man for the same job.[/quote]No he didn't. He doesn't support fixing the rate of pay, because it doesn't work. It ignores the very natural fluctuations in the market. If there is a discrepancy, there is a reason for it. You can't just hurt one side, and expect things to be better. No, what happens is more people make less money. You make things equally BAD.

[@quote=rastaman]Ron Paul Votes FOR the elderly:
Would SAVE Social Security
Would SAVE Medicaid[/quote] Fixed that for you.

[@quote=rastaman]Ron Paul has the best health insurance politics can buy.[/quote] He is a doctor. Ron Paul he doesn't participate in congressional pension programs and that also includes a lot of benefits. Guess who does get these benefits, the President.
[@quote=rastaman]If you don't have it and a church or good hearted doctor doesn't want to save your child then die.[/quote]That is what happens now. If you don't have family of friends to take care of you, even with Obamacare, they die. With a true free market, the medical costs go down, the quality goes up. Therefore the poorest and the weakest of individuals have FAR more options. No document is going to eliminate all problems from healthcare, but if we stop destroying the doctor-patient relationship, we will see the least bad, of all solutions. Economic and market fact!

[@quote=rastaman]If you are not the right skin color and your child is sick... The doctor doesn't appreciate your skin color...then die. Ron Paul refused Medicaid Patients, will encourage and he will give permission for doctors everywhere to refuse them them as president.[/quote]
You can opt out of a Medicaid practice now. Doctors don't have to accept Medicaid, even with Obamacare. You are ignoring the root of the problem, and trying to treat the symptoms, thinking that the root cause will go away. If you want an Insurance Mandate(because Obamacare is not universal healthcare), then you are free to go to one of the many nations that have it. Very few of which have a decent healthcare system, and most of them have a terrible healthcare system, but guess what, these problems that you imagine as being magically fixed through legislation, should be remedied there, so go ahead. Take your pick. Heck, Cherry pick one of the few that have arguably decent healthcare, or pick one of the many that have a failed healthcare system.

You'll need to remove the @'s in each quote, the BBC [code] tags don't prevent quotes from appearing.

11-28-2011, 08:31 PM
RP didn't refuse medicaid patients, he refused the payment from medicaid!

11-28-2011, 08:47 PM
Wow, the John Galt posts on another forum as well