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11-25-2011, 04:48 PM
Wrap your head around this for a minute. "WHAT IF" Dr. Paul who was expressing his disapproval to answers from other candidates in the last debate with hand gestures were instead to give the statement two thumbs down? "WHAT IF" he also gave two thumbs down to stupid questions from the moderators?

Just imagine Tuty Fruity Newty answering a question on morality for which he receives two thumbs down from Dr. Paul.

MOD: Dr. Paul, you just gave Speaker Gingrich's??? answer two thumbs down. WHY?

DR. PAUL: First I would suggest the speaker look in the mirror. Here we have a man who dumps his critically ill wife of 20+ years as she has become a burden to his ambitions for a younger attractive woman which he has done, what 3,4,5 times now? I would suggest he needs to get a hand on that zipper snake before he lectures others on morality. [30 sec. response.] Hopefully he can say it with a straight face.

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