View Full Version : help with best prices

11-21-2011, 07:53 PM
Anybody know where is the absolute best price for signs and other campaign materials? I ordered 50 post type signs from one site, forget which one, but I have seen a range from $5 up to $20! for corrugated yard type signs.

I have ordered 100 super brochures to hand out and have given out 100's of business size info cards.

The best deal I can find on banners is the official RP2012 store, but don't want my purchase there to affect how I can participate with money bombs,.

My local print shop want $10 each for signs...I just can't afford that.

Got spoiled in 08 living in a Super Tuesday state..all of our slim jims, buttons,bracelets, signs,,,literally anything we needed was simply given to us from HQ.

Trying to do the most I can with available funds, like everyone else :) Any tips/links are HUGELY appreciated ♥