View Full Version : Letter to the Editor -- free to use -- Re: Presidential Debates

11-16-2011, 11:49 AM
Regarding Presidential Debates

Do we expect to learn something we didn't know before?
Do we expect gaffs, forgotten lines, memory blanks and comedy?
Do we expect entertainment, like a football game?
Do we expect to see the future president take command of the stage?
Do we really believe there is much difference between the candidates?
Do we watch with hope for the future, because the present isn't so great?
Do we watch just to cheer who is topping the polls?
Do we ever feel cheated by the questions asked?
Do we care that some candidates are allotted more time than others?
Do we think televison reveals everything?
Do we trust media to tell us the truth?

My advice is: Give up on debates and research the candidates yourself!
Give up on party labels: Democrat, Republican, Libertarian
Check the opposition's view of the candidates. Is there truth there?
All media is slanted and they surely won't tell you the dirt on their candidate
of choice. No candidate will tell you the mistakes of their past. It's your job as a
voter to save America -- Do your homework!

Signed: A supporter of Ron Paul, President 2012

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