View Full Version : Why December 16th is important for a Ron Paul win.

11-16-2011, 11:22 AM
Any way you cut it, Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich will be the next second place (or first, depending on Romney's numbers at the time) runner replacing Cain.

Let us look at two scenarios.

Ron Paul jumps in the lead right now and starts getting talked about as a potential front runner in much of the same way that they were talking about Cain.

It is Nov. 16, Ron Paul would have to endure the media spotlight from now until January 3rd and throughout January. We all know that Ron Paul is great, but the people who are jumping off of the Cain bandwagon to the next bandwagon are not people who are willing to stand by their candidate when the media starts their attacks.

In such a scenario Ron Paul would be hit hard by the media, probably toward the beginning of December if his poll numbers rise quickly. By the time Dec. 16th rolls around, Ron Paul will be blasted for 2 weeks straight with press releases countering attacks left and right. Many voters grow weary of defending their guy that long and by the 16th may be ready to throw in the towel and jump on the Newt bandwagon. That is why we will need a huge Tea Party celebration of Ron Paul on the 16th. Get people re-energized and hardened to move forward for the next few weeks, into Iowa.

Or consider the other scenario where Newt jumps in to replace Cain. Newt will have the same attacks in early December and his supporters will also be weary close to December 16th. That is when they may be looking for another candidate's bandwagon to jump on. In comes huge Tea Party celebrations for Ron Paul and they see that maybe they should finally just give in and support Ron Paul even though they do not agree completely with his foreign policy. At that point Ron Paul has a steady rise in the polls as Newt falls and the timing becomes perfect as the elections get under way.

If you have not already, go sign up at http://theronpaulteaparty.com/ and start coordinating your Dec. 16th Tea Party celebration. I would suggest making it a two day event as Dec. 16th is a Friday and most people are willing to get out on Saturday.

11-16-2011, 11:24 AM
hoping for option 2 :)