View Full Version : Please stop HR 3261 before Eric Holder has the authority to shut down Libertarian Websites

11-13-2011, 10:35 PM
The bill is called HR 3261 The E Parasite Act. What this bill does it allows the DOJ to shut down websites without DUE PROCESS that the DOJ decides has committed copyright infringement. Plus this bill has both the Senate Versions of S.968 THE PREOTECT ACT and S.978 THE FELONY STREAMING ACT BILL, this means if you put up a Fox News or CNN video that is against Obamacare, or sing a Kareoke song of your favorite artist or have radio music playing on a radio in the background of your video or film your next Disney Vacation and put it on YOUTUBE or any other video streaming site and it gets more the 10 views, you could end up paying a $2500 or get up to 5 years in prison. Please sign this Petition or copy and paste it where the address bar is or enter in your search engine (Google, Yahoo) HR 3261 or the words Internet Blacklist bill. You can also look up the Senate Versions by typing into your Search Engines (Google, Yahoo) s.968 The Protect IP Act and S.978 The Felony Streaming Act bill.