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11-08-2011, 11:45 PM
So recently I took to heart certain newspaper editorials about how Ron Paul cannot win the election because Ron Paul supporters only preach to the choir and don't get out in the streets and confront people. Contemplating this, I was thinking of different ways to reach the generations that are not considered the internet generation (40-50, 50-60, 60+). I know that the Ron Paul campaign has been hitting the t.v. air waves with new commercials, but the older working class might not care much to watch t.v., and are still only getting what the MSM is giving to them. Since we are still lagging in the polls I want to make a proposal.

I want to throw out the idea of a Ron Paul DVD snail mail bomb. In order to happen, this will need to be a collective effort from everyone in the Ron Paul Forums, and Ron Paul's campaign in order to make it successful. I'm wondering if it would make sense for the Ron Paul campaign to spend our donated money into assembling a DVD package that can be attached to a postcard and mass snail mailed to the households in the primary states to put Ron Paul in every one's living room.

My envision is that this DVD would be a menu driven DVD of the history of Ron Paul, what Ron Paul stands for, maybe the 5 best youtube video's assembled about Ron Paul, Ron Paul commercials, bring the troops home, how to register for the primaries, what is a blue republican, etc etc...

All this without being too overwhelming.

I hope that possibly this idea would get Ron Paul into every household and be the breaking point we have all been looking for. It is our way (the internet generation) to use current media to get our message across.

So what do you guys think?

11-09-2011, 12:55 AM
Discussion for this is being handled here.