View Full Version : Grassroots Tabeling Event and Custom signs and Banners!!

11-08-2011, 07:29 PM
Our Ron Paul Group just did a 3-day event in Southern California at our local fairgrounds where multiple 1000's of people attended. Our members each took shifts working the booth promoting the message, with incredible results!!! With 100's of booths at the show, our Ron Paul booth was buzzing with excitement, allowing us to talk to 100's if not 1000's of people.

We we able to get some of our custom made signs, and campaign stickers into the hands of new supporters in our community, yet even better, a great understanding of the message of Ron Paul to those who would not of heard it otherwise. At the very end of this event, we snapped off a quick video to show our efforts after a long successful grassroots weekend!!!


We're organizing another event. If you guys need some inexpensive top quality custom signs,
check out this link:


It's one small thing we're producing to help fund our efforts and support the cause.. Not to mention we're sign bombing these things everwhere!! Our group is trying to put together another tabeling event for the Boston Tea Party Anniversary.. Thanks for watching the vid!!!
RonPaul 2012 or Bust!!!