View Full Version : Reaching senior citizens in Senior Centers across America

Jodi's mom
11-05-2011, 11:53 PM
I have not combed the forum looking to see if this idea has been posed, so please forgive me if it has been already suggested.

It occurred to me today that Senior Centers would be an excellent spot to educate "Silver Hairs". Most of them are die-hard Republicans of the "old school" and do not have computers, therefore, the only thing they know about Ron Paul is what the media tells them about him. What an opportunity! Let's find a way to set up a big screen and play several of our best You-Tubes of Ron Paul, show the crowds he is gathering, and expose them to Ron's policies and plans to bring back America from disaster! After a couple of videos, we've won the whole room for Ron Paul! And give them literature about him to take home. I have no idea how many seniors could be converted. If we did this just once a month until November 2012, I have no doubt that at least 95% would vote for Ron Paul.

We could do this in every city, hamlet, and town wherever there is a "Senior Center"! In my town, I think they gather every day at noon for lunch. If everyone will get with their local Ron Paul chapters/groups to see who has the talent to set up a big screen to play the videos of Ron to have them hear from HIS mouth what his policies are and what his plans are to restore the country to it's greatness, they WILL vote for him! Let them see the crowds that support him that they are not a bunch of "fruitcakes". These seniors aren't close-minded idiots. It's just that the majority do not have computers and the only source of information is radio, television or newspaper. They cannot make a good decision about who to vote for if they don't have all the facts. And the facts are, NO ONE BUT RON PAUL is qualified to lead this country back to it's greatness!! Once they've seen and heard Ron Paul for themselves, I guarantee they will join us to usher in the greatest president this country has ever seen!