View Full Version : HELP US send out Free Ron Paul Activist Kits to Everyone who signs up!

10-22-2011, 05:46 PM
www.shop4liberty.com, a Ron Paul Fundraiser set up by two Grassroots Activists. (Myself and my father, Jillian and Michael Pierone)

At Shop4Liberty, we are raising money by hosting banner ads. For every sale made through the banner ads on our site, a commission goes directly into the Ron Paul Fundraiser. We then use this money to create and distribute FREE Ron Paul Activist Kits for everyone who signs up.
You can sign up at www.shop4liberty.com under the '4activists' tab
We can only send out the kits as fast as the money comes in to cover them so please consider switching from your local cheapmart to the 100+ major retailers available on shop4liberty.

What do you love better? Halloween or Ron Paul?? Why choose?--

GO TO www.Shop4Liberty.com and go to the SEASONAL category to buy HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!!! 13% OF EVERY SALE ON HALLOWEEN COSTUMES and DECORATIONS when you use the banner ad on shop4liberty goes to support the RON PAUL FUNDRAISER- funding the creation and distribution of FREE RON PAUL ACTIVIST KITS! sign up for your free activist kit under the "4 activists' tab and invite your friend to the Black (this out) Friday Shop4Liberty and Sign Bomb- Where your Christmas shopping will support the cause of liberty and Ron Paul! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=269319426425910 <--
Invite your friends!!! due to FEC regulations, the campaign cannot directly endorse this bomb- so we need all of the grassroots help we can get to promote this event! please share!

10-22-2011, 06:36 PM
I managed to make a purchase through your site this week, but it's not easy! You need more popular merchants!

Sign up for cj.com, shareasale, incentaclick, etc. And I've said this before, you need to sign up as a cafepress affiliate! They offer 15% commissions, and they sell a lot of Ron Paul merchandise.