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Spread it arround and let people see it for themselves.


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I had no time to sift through all this, but since I posted the vid I might as well throw this in the thread too.


1. Mitt Romney has supported every illegal unethical bloody war in which the US regime's puppet presidents
have involved the people against their will.
A. Iraq He asked for 50,000 more troops for Iraq. When asked if his own five sons would be going, the answer was no.
B. Libya
Romney supports
the petroplutocrat grab for Libyan oil
Those who call themselves fiscal conservatives want smaller government, they say, while promoting the expansion of wars which hemorrhage the blood of
their own citizens as well as Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, etc. as well as hemorrhaging the stolen tax dollars of the American poor. They are either
uninformed or prevaricating. http://indymedia.org


2. Mitt Romney is a would be executioner. In his only stint in politics, a 4 year term as Massachusetts governor before repudiated by the people of that state, he tried to bring back judicial and prosecutorial murder (execution). http://www.prejean.org
http://www.amnesty.org http://www.ccadp.org http://www.tcadp.org


While Romney has justifiably criticized Rick Perry whose hunting camp
was named ******head, Romney himself belongs to a church which did not
admit blacks as elders until threatened by an NAACP boycott.

A caller to NPR said that when Romney was a Mormon missionary in France he refused to baptize blacks,
who at that time by the LDS Church were considered the seeds of Cain.

The moderator questioned the veracity of the call. However Romney was a missionary in the 60's. It was not
til the 70's that the LDS Church began to admit blacks as elders.

Mormon Church and racism:




opposed federal emission standards
supports oil industry desecration of the seas and wildlife refuges


a. When the Dixie Chicks, number 1 in the charts, criticized the Republican
president, Clear Channel dumped them entirely.
b. Under Romney's directing, Clear Channel continues to have 99% warjocks
who cut off peace callers.


Brian Williams of NBC questioned Romney about Bain Capital's outsourcing
and job downsizing in the companies they bought.





A. Animals bombed in 5 illegal wars...Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen.
Mitt Romney has supported every illegal war of the Bush and Obama administrations
B. Romney participated in a canned hunt in Georgia and killed quail trapped like sardines in a barrel.
http://www.animalrights.net/2006/activists-complain-about-mitt-romneys-canned-hunt/ Romney's killing of trapped quail in a canned hunt in Georgia
C. Rodeo
Mitt Romney decided to keep brutal rodeos in the Salt Lake City Olympics
D. Treatment of dogs
Dogs Against Romney
http://www.dogsagainstromney.com * describe an incident in which
Mitt Romney put the family setter on the roof of his car as he drove TWELVE HOURS to
Toronto from Massachusetts. The terrorized dog had a loose bowel movement on the roof.
E. Treatment of captive cows
The Mormon Church helped Mitt Romney's private equity (no transparency) Bain Capital illegally to acquire the Clear Channel network (itself illegally large according to original FCC rules).
There is a constant stream of animal cadaver ads on Clear Channel stations.
Joked one animal protector: "At least he doesn't drink coffee!' to which another
replied: "the trioxypurines in meat are more harmful than the dioxypurines in caffein"
F. Research Animals: As governor of Massachusetts whose Harvard receives more
stolen tax dollars for research than any other state, dozens of whose universities torture animals, Romney did nothing to stop the agony.
G. Mormon investment in animal
H. (Boston, August 1, 2004) Between Midnight and 5 AM on Saturday July 31st, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney vetoed H. 1252, the Dissection Choice bill which would have guaranteed all students the right to humane alternatives to once living animal specimens. His last minute political maneuvering was a successful ploy to kill bills and not allow any overrides.
I. supports oil industry harm to marine mammals birds and fishes from
offshore drilling and the desecration of the Arctic and other wildlife refuges
J. Romney's Bain Capital is invested in animal slaughter, drug companies researching on animals, war profiteering, ecocidal corporations.
Besides being invested heavily in Mitt Romney's Clear Channel through its owner Bain Capital, the Mormon Church is invested in another radio chain, Bonneville International Corporation - the 14th largest radio chain in the U.S.
K. Brutal mouse killing Home Depot (glue traps) has a cofounder who is supporting fellow animal abuser Mitt Romney http://www.homedepot.com/buy/outdoors/garden-center/real-kill/4-pk-mouse-glue-traps-65575.html

LDS investments in animal slaughter are massive. A sliver of them are Deseret Ranches, Florida's largest cow concentration camp, over 300,000 acres in 3 Central Florida counties,
Farmland Reserve Inc. which includes 228,000 acres (923 kmē) in Nebraska,; 51,600 acres in Osage County, Oklahoma; over 312,000 acres (1,260 kmē) in Florida




One poll reported that 25% of Americans will not vote for a Mormon. This is
true for a variety of reasons:
a. The Mormon history of polygamy in the 19th
b. the racist past of the church some of whose members in the 19th Century murdered blacks who entered Utah (written of by A Conan Doyle) and who were not
admitted as elders until the NAACP threatened a boycott
c. the LDS church
pattern of giving charity virtually only to Mormons,
d. the conservative politics of most Mormons which
include a strong prowar cast,
e. the Mormon church has a history continuing to this day of disempowering women
f. the treatment of animals, such as the Mormon
church's operation of the biggest cattle concentration camp in Florida.


Romney straddles the fence on nearly every controversial issue, including
the prochoice prolife one


Just as prohibition of alcohol in the US from 1920 to 1933 caused the birth of crime syndicate bootleggers and many deaths and blindness from wood alcohol,
so the repressive laws against marijuana have caused hundreds of billions
to be spent in federal bureaucracies of the ATF and others, bureaucracies which
in the 1920's and now kill people. In addition current laws cause ecocidal
poisons to be sprayed from the air to eradicate marijuana.



The horizontal
lines on Romney's forehead are
an indication of excess uric
acid, trioxypurine.



If Obama survives Democratic primary challenges from Dennis Kucinich and others
http://kucinich.us and if Ron Paul is not the Republican nominee, Ron Paul
should start a third party movement. His numbers are constantly being downsized
by 'polls' conducted by warmonger media. In a 3 way race, Paul could
become president. http://www.ronpaul2012.com His numbers are higher than Kucinich's. Constant monitoring
of companies such as Election Systems and Software (involved in the last
2 presidential election thefts as well as many House, Senate, governor race
and other thefts) is needed. http://blackboxvoting.org

Rasmussen continues to lie about Ron Paul

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Use this, especially with gun owners.

What Mitt Romney does not want you to know:

Phony "Varmint" Hunter

Back when he was liberal, Romney supported the Brady Bill, assault weapons bans and Massachusetts' very strict gun control law. Now that he's running as a conservative Republican, Romney has claimed that the NRA endorsed him in previous campaigns. (Oops -- that was easily proven to be a lie. His Democratic opponent actually had a better NRA rating.)

He also claimed he was a "lifelong hunter", though he didn't own a gun, has never had a hunting license and had only joined the NRA in August 2006 -- as a "Lifetime Member" -- just about exactly the moment he started campaigning for President.

When pressed on that, his "lifelong hunting" turned out to be a total of two hunts -- one as a teenager, hunting rabbits with his cousin in Idaho, and one just about the time he started running for president, chasing fenced-in quail at a Republican fundraising event.

His explanation was even funnier -- "I'm not a BIG-GAME hunter. I've made that very clear," he said. "I've always been a rodent and rabbit hunter. Small varmints, if you will. I began when I was 15 or so and I have hunted those kinds of varmints since then. More than two times."

Hired Illegal Immigrants

Romney makes a big issue of being tough on illegal immigrants. He has pushed for a wall on the Mexican border so hard that Bill O'Reilly offered to call it the "Mitt Romney Memorial Wall."

The only problem is, Romney has hired illegal immigrants to tend his gardens for over 10 years. Three illegal immigrants interviewed by the Boston Globe said they have worked on Romney's lawn for years, that he greets them with a "Buenos dias", and that his wife was friendly and often asks how they are. Two were interviewed back in Guatemala, where they have returned. They made $8 to $9 per hour working 11 hour days. "They wanted that house to look really nice," said one worker, now back in Copado, Guatemala. "It took a long time." The other, Rene Alvarez Rosales (now in Suchitepequez, Guatemala) said it cost him about $5,000 to have a smuggler take him across the border.

They all work for "Community Lawn Care with a Heart," a small company run by legal Colombian immigrant Ricardo Saenz. Asked about his workers' statements that they were illegal immigrants, Saenz said "What you've heard is not my problem. ... I don't need to tell them to show me documents. I know who they are, and they are legal." When Romney was asked about the workers, he said "Aw geez" and walked away. On one occasion, a (real) state trooper with the Romney security detail asked about the workers' immigration status. Saenz said they were legal but forgot their papers that day, and the matter was dropped.

Flat-Out Liar

In this campaign, Romney has simply lied a number of times while trying to reinvent himself. For example:

-- "I have a gun of my own."
(Not true. He was talking about a gun one of his grown sons own.)

-- "I've been a hunter pretty much my entire life."
(He hunted once at 15, and a second time in his late 50s.)

-- "I told you what my position was, and what I, what I did as governor; the fact that I received the endorsement of the NRA."
(No - and his Democratic opponent actually had a higher NRA rating)

-- "I saw my father march with Martin Luther King."
(No, they never marched together. They were both in Michigan at the same time once, but Mitt was in France on his mission.)

-- "My father and I marched with Martin Luther King Jr. through the streets of Detroit."
(even more false...)

This last lie was the funnest because of all the waffling that Romney did trying to explain it. After a Boston newspaper showed that they couldn't have marched together, Mitt's spokesman said that "George W. Romney and Martin Luther King Jr. marched together in June, 1963 -- although possibly not on the same day or in the same city." And Mitt then explained "I've tried to be as accurate as I can be. If you look at the literature or look at the dictionary, the term 'saw' includes being aware of — in the sense I've described. I'm an English literature major as well. When we say I saw the Patriots win the World Series, it doesn't necessarily mean you were there -- excuse me, the Super Bowl. I saw my dad become president of American Motors. Did that mean you were there for the ceremony? No, it's a figure of speech."

Draft Dodger and Chickenhawk

Mitt Romney, incredibly, was able to avoid serving in Vietnam because he was on his Mormon mission, driving around the French countryside. (The Mormon church defined missions -- which all good young Mormon men go on -- as a form of priesthood.) In fact, not one of Romney's five sons has served in the military either, despite Mitt arguing for U.S. military involvement in Iraq and elsewhere.

Even more outrageously, when he was asked to justify this hypocrisy, Romney claimed that his sons were serving the country by driving Winnebagos around Iowa and campaigning for him.

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Cain and Romney caught in campaign cash scandal

"Both Cain and Romney have made it a major point of their campaigns that in a time of dire economic conditions in the United States, America needs a businessman to revitalize the country and get it back on its toes. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that these have funneled money from their campaign into their checkbooks. Maybe these two do know how to make a buck or two?"

So Cain bought his own books and funnelled money into one his companies Romney was a bit more clever and cashed out via his campaign managers business.

Epic lolz and props to RT for being the biggest nesw channel to cover it. Watch you wont hear a word about it on CNN FOX or MSNBC

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Hm. I'd like to see Romney grilled on the Mormon/ race of Cain question, and have him point a couple podiums over and say "But black is the race of Cain!"

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Dolphin, your post contains a lot of false and bigoted information about the LDS Church. Be careful, especially when a large number of Mormons love and support Ron Paul. Don't be so quick to believe everything you read or generalize about a group of people.

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im gonna keep this thread bumped up forever... +10 million reps to you good sir! we finally have some people working on this! I can get to work on my vids...

Dolphin, your post contains a lot of false and bigoted information about the LDS Church. Be careful, especially when a large number of Mormons love and support Ron Paul. Don't be so quick to believe everything you read or generalize about a group of people.
yeah let's get our facts straight :)

10-20-2011, 09:44 AM
Dolphin, your post contains a lot of false and bigoted information about the LDS Church. Be careful, especially when a large number of Mormons love and support Ron Paul. Don't be so quick to believe everything you read or generalize about a group of people.

If you look at my disclaimer I said I did not sift through it.

I copy and pasted it. I got it from a questionable source.

The original intent of my thread was soleley to post that one video in the OP.

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If you look at my disclaimer I said I did not sift through it.

I copy and pasted it. I got it from a questionable source.

The original intent of my thread was soleley to post that one video in the OP.
can we have people who aren't very busy right now sift to see which ones are not true.

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He's for synthetic marijuana how appropriate for him