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06-14-2007, 06:42 PM
Just kind of brainstorming here:

Ok, I've been thinking, nay obsessing even, over what to do in the campaign. I like the straight talk, I like pushing the issues, I think thats the way everyone should run a campaign.

But these days Americans are not likely to react to anything short of an episode of "OW, My balls!"

So we need to make it easy for them. Connect the dots. Show them the absurdity of what they see everyday presented as news. And this will take a certain amount of aggressiveness and initiative. Now, I don't mean start throwing mud, but these people are so far out there its easy to hang them with their own words.

Other Republicans:
Nuclear first strike against Iran still on the table

Ron Paul:
What? That's immoral and crazy!

Ron Paul, that nutcase. No chance.


Other Republicans: Civil liberties don't mean anything if you're dead. That's why we support the patriot act, torture, and the abolition of habeus corpus.

Ron Paul:
I'd rather be alive AND free!

Ron Paul is real fringe candidate with no chance to win. Did you hear us? NO CHANCE. Don't even bother to vote for him in polls, ESPECIALLY electronic ones you bunch of spammers.


Democrats: We want to raise taxes, and raise spending.

Other Republicans: We want to cut taxes, and raise spending.

Ron Paul: We should abolish the IRS, and reduce spending.

Media: Only someone with NO CHANCE TO WIN talks like that. What kind of REPUBLICAN does he think he is, anyway?


Other Republicans: They hate us for our freedoms.

Ron Paul: They hate us because we've been bombing their country and killing their people.

Media: How DARE Ron Paul suggest that America could do anything to make people angry. We're bombing and killing them for their OWN GOOD? Why can't they see that? What a kook, I'll tell ya. Absolutely, positively, NO CHANCE TO WIN.


Other Republicans: We LOVE free trade! Open borders ensure that there are plenty of poor, desperate illegal immigrants who will work for peanuts, and we like that since we don't have to reduce our profits hiring lazy, overpriced American workers. Don't worry about that whole security thing, terrorists would NEVER try to do something as obvious as cross a poorly defended border. Instead they'll just try to do exactly what they did last time.

Ron Paul: Free trade is good, but we must maintain our sovereignty as a nation by protecting, defending and controlling our borders and immigration.

Media: What a protectionist! NO CHANCE AT ALL....

Then you might try to boil it down into bumper sized soundbytes:

Vote [Rudy/Fred/Romney/Mccain] for armageddon.
Vote [Rudy/Fred/Romney/Mccain] for preemptive war.
I like preemptive war too! -- Hitler


06-14-2007, 06:52 PM
Nice point.

Ron's YouTube channel had a video up for a while with Ron giving a simple 8-10 minute sitdown speech describing the issues in this manner from a high-level. It was his announcement speech I believe. Can't seem to find that video anymore...

I personally wish Ron would setup a separate educational channel, linked from his campaign site, where he would give a weekly speech on a specific topic. As interseted voters begin to journey his way, they can watch RON-TV and learn the real deal, rather than absorbing the MSM acid.

He could individually and weekly hit all of the topics you mentioned. Start with the simple premise, describe some historical background and proofs, provide an absurd example to show the lemmings how bad policies would play out, and then give his solution to the problem.


06-14-2007, 07:08 PM
It sounds good for giving Ron Paul supporters ammunition, but even while I despise what Karl Rove has done, I think you have to break things up into 10 second hard-hitting soundbytes that at least get their attention.

Things like:
Why do you hate the Constitution?
Why do you hate freedom?
Why do you love nuclear first strikes?
Why do you love bombing women and children?
Why do you hate peace?

Its a page out of the neocon playbook and immediately puts them on the defensive.

Then, once the hook is set, you can knock them down with well reasoned facts and logic. They'll probably hit back with something lame like: Why do you hate America? But eh...

06-14-2007, 07:30 PM
Understood. When Rudy made his "absurd" remark, I wanted Ron Paul to chime back,

"So, Mr. Mayor, are you saying that the Constitution and the Founding Fathers were wrong? How about Dwight Eisenhower - was he wrong too? How about the 9/11 Commission, did you read that?"

10 seconds, point made.