View Full Version : College Dorming and Campus Promotion?

10-18-2011, 09:33 PM
I am a college student currently enrolled and dorming out of state. I was thinking of hosting a Ron Paul party (more or less) either in my room or in one of the dorm lounges, anyone else here think that's a good idea or may have tried something similiar? Also I have printed out a bunch of papers highlighting Ron Paul's stances on specific issues, most importantly Taxes and Budget reduction, on his site he mentions under his tax section giving tax credits to students as well as some other ideas that would help college students. I intend to hang these flyers up on the door of each stairwell in my dorm building. I believe we have all witnessed with B.O that college students are a huge voting population, and I believe that if any candidate could win over young voters, it would be Ron Paul for his original (for the modern era) and idealistic ways of planning ahead. Any comments? Suggestions?