View Full Version : Can Ron Paul legally mention BTO during tonights debate?

10-18-2011, 02:01 PM
Man would it sure be great in his closing or opening statement that Ron put some visors on and told everyone watching that we have a money bomb going on tomorrow due to the media blackout and we're aiming too raise millions of dollars and he'd appreciate their support by going to his website and donating. Now that would really reach several million more potential donors at the last minute. I pray this thing goes over 6 million, but that is being a little optimistic. 4 million is definitely within our reach and that is more than everyone except for Romney and Perry raised in the entire 3rd quarter. I'll be staying up late tonight to get these baby started with the rest of you guys. I remember the Dec. 16th money bomb raised about 500,000 in the first hour and that's at midnight lol. If we come out of the gate with that kind of number anything is possible!