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10-18-2011, 01:58 PM
I sent this to Doug Wead as well...

I feel it's very important and in fact could be the spark the propels Ron to capture the GOP nod. Frankly, I'm surprised no other candidates have said this yet but Ron really needs to come out and say it soon. During tonight's debate or a future debate when Ron's questioned he needs to say something to the effect: "Before I answer that question I would like to assure the American people that in the 80's there was the Savings And Loans Fraud scandal and a regulator by the name of Bill Black put over 1,000 people in prison for committing fraud. I believe the financial crisis of 2008 was much much worse than the Savings and Loans scandal. When I'm president, I would hire Bill Black or someone like him as regulator and I think we could put well over 2,000 people in prison for committing fraud against the American people." The American people are craving for someone to just say this. I am craving for someone to say this. The internet will light on fire if Ron says this.

Here's Bill Black on Dylan Ratigan just yesterday discussing this very fraud:



10-18-2011, 02:48 PM
THIS! RP needs to call for prosecution of the ongoing fraud before the statute of limitations is run on everything. He needs to talk about MERS and about banks foreclosing on homes that don't even have mortgages.

Particularly loud people waiting for this:


So Who's The Candidate Millions Can Support?

It's simply, really.

I want a candidate with two positions:

STOP THE LOOTING AND START PROSECUTING. No, we cannot "move on." Those who committed frauds of various sorts need to go to prison and those who do so in the future need to go join them. Period.

The Constitution is a written document of enumerated powers and limited government. That which is not explicitly permitted in that document is forbidden the Federal Government.
That's it. Two conditions.

Who is it?

RP comes down hard on the FED which is the root cause but he also needs to advocate for the jailing of the 10,000 worst fraud offenders.