View Full Version : Help request the Ron Paul 2012 theme song to played on Iowa local Radio station

10-18-2011, 10:41 AM
We need support getting this song to be aired on the Iowa local radio station. The more people who call, the more likely they will play the song.
Here is their number 1(712)328-8970


We all know Iowa is one of the first early primary states, so we better focus on getting promoting Ron Paul in Iowa best way we can. One of the most
effective way to support Ron Paul is through music. The Local Radio is 89.7 the River, located at Iowa western community college. They are a private, small
local radio station not managed by corporate. You can call in to request a song to played on the Radio station. Here is


If we get enough people to call 89.7 to have them play Ron Paul Theme song 2012, and the song targets their "crowd" of people anyways. So if you have
local radio stations like 89.7 please post their number, and request the Ron Paul 2012 theme song. Let's spark this revolution in overdrive.

10-18-2011, 02:16 PM
So no one is willing to call for a simple request for Ron Paul Theme 2012 song? very disappointed. It's a Iowa local radio station. People Iowa is one of the early primary
states, I'm surprised this thread having no replies plus being pushed back three pages.