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10-18-2011, 01:16 AM
Is Ron Paul Set To Break His Own Fundraising Record?

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Is Ron Paul Set To Break His Own Fundraising Record?

On November 5th of 2007 the first Ron Paul moneybomb was born. More than
eighteen thousand people had pledged to donate $100 each to Ron Paul's
campaign and on the actual day of the moneybomb over thirty-five thousand
individual donors raised a total of $4.3 million dollars. Just six weeks
later Ron Paul's supporters struck again on December 16th (the anniversary
of the Boston Tea Party), with approximately thirty-five thousand pledges on
the books and over sixty thousand actual donors, raising over $6.1 million
dollars in one day. Since then no one has been able to beat Ron Paul's one
day fundraising record.

Now there is another supporter created moneybomb set to detonate this coming
Wednesday, October 19th, and based on the number of pledges for it (up to
twenty nine thousand total pledges), it just may have the potential to break
Ron Paul's previous fundraising record.

If he does break his previous fundraising records most Ron Paul supporters
wonder if the main stream media will give the accomplishment the attention
it deserves.

The "Black This Out" theme of the money bomb claims there is a mainstream
media outlet blackout surrounding the Ron Paul campaign. Today, ironically,
news reports are confirming that in fact Ron Paul is indeed ignored to a
very large degree by the mainstream media (source: [2]Pew Research Center's
Project for Excellence in Journalism). The good news (and a testament to the
power of his ideas) is that Ron Paul is polling in the double digits (around
14%) despite the fact that he has been the primary news maker in only 2% of
all election stories.
2. http://www.journalism.org/analysis_report/cr

For more proof that a media blackout exists just look at how main stream
media coverage of straw polls changes based on who wins them.

The "Black This Out" money bomb hopes to draw attention to the media bias
against Ron Paul by forcing the media to give Ron Paul and the "Black This
Out" moneybomb theme coverage by raising a massive amount of money for the
Ron Paul campaign in a single day.

While there is no way to know exactly how much Ron Paul will raise on that
day it's always fun to make a prediction!

How much do you think the Ron Paul campaign will raise on October 19th?

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raise this October 19th.
3. http://runronpaul.com/activism/is-ron-paul-set-to-break-his-own-fundraising-record

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