View Full Version : My response to Gary Bauer's spin about Ron Paul's VVS straw poll win

10-12-2011, 09:15 AM
The Ron Paul campaign did not bus any supporters to VVS. There were two buses of Ron Paul supporters, one from New Jersey and one from New York, but both were organized independently of the Ron Paul campaign, and I believe the latter was cancelled. But even if the Ron Paul campaign itself had bused in the supporters for the straw poll, it would not have been the slightest bit unprecedented (e.g., Michele Bachmann's campaign bused supporters from Liberty University this year).

Tony Perkins is assuming without any evidence that all 600 of the Saturday-only convention passes were sold to Ron Paul supporters. I won't deny that a lot of them probably were Ron Paul supporters who attended the summit only for the opportunity to hear and vote for Ron Paul. So what? There were crowds who only showed up at the synagogues to hear Jesus; speaking the truth and challenging the status quo inspires that kind of devotion in people. But I'd say a lot of those 600 tickets were bought by people who simply had jobs on Friday.

Furthermore, among his supporters, Ron Paul's speech to the Values Voter Summit this year is widely regarded as his best ever (see http://thepage.time.com/2011/10/08/paul-values-voter-summit-transcript/ for the transcript). Not only did he seem like a different person that day, speaking with unusual clarity and confidence, it's one of the few speeches I've seen where he explicitly derived all of his main beliefs about government from the Bible. Could it be that he actually persuaded some in the crowd to vote for him for the first time?

Finally, I've watched several different pieces of footage showing the announcement of straw poll results, and it is quite obvious from the cheering that a very large number of Ron Paul's supporters stuck around for the entire day. In my experience, Ron Paul supporters are the *least* likely to leave as soon as their guy is done speaking, as long as there is still a chance for their voices to be heard and their signs to be seen.

I think the real question the FRC should be asking is why Ron Paul inspires this level of devotion from his supporters, and what they will be doing in November 2012 if he is not the Republican nominee for president.