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10-08-2011, 06:17 PM
With several DVD projects going on I got to thinking about this. DVD's cost $1 to produce and that's to hand deliver or let people pick up when tableing. To mail costs another $1.40 so $2.40 total. DVD's that are picked up at a table will probably be watched. For ones that are handed out or mailed, many will end up in the trash - unwatched.

So what about flash drives? Looked a little and found they started at $2.80. They can be custom printed and are reusable so desirable in their own right. THe content on them is also more readilly shared because they travel with the person in a pocket or on a keychain. So picture someone watching a DVD and either sharing it (passing it on) or talking about the content. With a Thumb drive the person could be talking about it and just say - well here, plug it into my tablet and see. for yourself. It's also easier to share - just plug in and copy files - that works with mobile devices that don't have DVD players

That also got me thinking about how we put these things together. Every one I've seen has been movie style - start at the begining and watch the whole thing. That is not only a deterrent to watching it - it's long but also hard to use if talking about a particular topic. We could put these together so it had a play all script, but also divided into topics that could be played independently, that would make them much more useful.


10-09-2011, 03:39 AM
DVD's are cheap. Like ~$0.30each retail, ~$0.20each wholesale.

Back in 2007 I bought 200 dvd-r's, burned them, and put them in doors of people with republican signs up.
We made a game of it, 4 of us each took 50 DVD's. Last to hit 50 house had to buy the beer.
After every drop we called home base and added the addresses to list.
It was like a game of reverse scavenger hunt.

Morel of the story is ... If your meetup is bored.. reverse scavenger hunt some RP dvd's :)

Cost me like $100. $65 for dvd's, $20 on cd sleeves, and $10 worth of Ron Paul slimjims.
So that is $0.50ea, with a bonus slimjim in folded over the DVD in a paper sleeve.
Took us a few hours, but they were fun hours spent hunting republican signs.

Flash drives are nice. I use them to show people Ron Paul clips all the time.
I have one with just Ron Paul clips on it. So if we get into discussion I can just load up the appropriate clip.
But I'm not giving them away...

Now about format..All of the Ron Paul DVD's that I have seen have menus and are broken down into sections.
There were some really nice ones that were freely available for download in 2007 that were really well done.

10-09-2011, 12:04 PM
OK - DVD's have gotten cheaper since I bought a bunch last time. Thumb drives will get cheaper too. There are probably places where they can be picked up for less now. I didn't look that hard.

have any links for RP DVD's thaqt have a menu? I've seen 8-10 and none of them did.