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Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) October 05, 2011

Ron Paul’s capture of a fifth Iowa Republican State Central Committee endorsement this week is yet another indication of the resurgence this primary season of limited government conservatism, notes Revolution PAC. SCC member James Mills joins four of his counterparts, helping to secure for Paul more Iowa Republican SCC endorsements than any other GOP presidential candidate.

“Dr. Paul’s firm belief and confidence in the power of the individual, free markets, sound money and a non-interventionist foreign policy is needed to lead the charge at the top of the ticket,” Mills said in a press statement.

The latest endorsement news is coupled with Rep. Paul’s top-tier placement in the Iowa Independent’s latest Iowa Power Rankings. The standings reflect candidates’ volunteer excitement, grassroots support, state and national messaging, and visits to Iowa, site of the country’s “First in the Nation” caucus.

Strong field organization and campaign energy sealed Rep. Paul’s position on the list. “[He’s] the only person in Iowa who has an existing base and who is rallying that base,” one panelist remarked.

Did I just see top-tier and Ron in the same sentence?!

Edit: the word Ron is not in that sentence.

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That link/page sounds like a Paid New reporting Ad... aka Press Release junket.

Here's the IOWA INDEPENDENT news coverage and related comments/tweets on the link


Paul picks up fifth Iowa SCC member endorsement
By Lynda Waddington (http://iowaindependent.com/author/lwaddington) | 10.04.11 | 7:00 am

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has picked up the endorsement of James Mills, a member of the Iowa Republican State Central Committee.

Mills, who has already been serving as the 4th District co-chairman of the Paul campaign and a member of the national advisory board of “Homeschoolers for Ron Paul,” said he was making the endorsement to clarify his support as a leader within the Republican Party of Iowa.

“I’m pleased to endorse Congressman Ron Paul for the Republican nomination to defeat President Barack Obama next year,” said Mills, a Mason City educator and resident of Nora Springs.
“Dr. Paul’s consistent record of unwavering principles continues to attract new voters to the Republican Party. His ability to unite a diverse, grassroots following is a testament to his message of Liberty. Dr. Paul’s firm belief and confidence in the power of the individual, free markets, sound money, and a non-interventionist foreign policy is needed to lead the charge at the top of the ticket.”

Mills is a native Iowan who was raised on a family farm. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa in math education. He worked as a teacher in the Nora Springs Rock Falls Community School District and the Mason City-based Sylvan Learning Center, which he now owns.
“The endorsement of Ron Paul by Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committeeman James Mills is further proof that Dr. Paul’s message resonates with Republicans,” said A.J. Spiker, also a member of the Republican SCC and Iowa vice-chairman for the Paul campaign.
“Dr. Paul has been endorsed by more members of the Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Committee than any other candidate seeking the presidency. Five of the 17 members of the RPI leadership have now endorsed Ron Paul.”
Mills joins Spiker, Drew Ivers, David Fischer and Jeremiah Johnson in endorsing Paul.
“Each of these party leaders represent more than 100,000 registered Republicans in their respective districts,” said Spiker.

The Free Hornet
10-05-2011, 03:45 PM
It shocks me that state politicians are not all about enforcing the 10th amendment to the fullest extent and then some. Governors have their hands tied by Washington yet they hardly ever complain except when making excuses for the poor performance. It must be incompetence and a fear of competition.