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09-21-2011, 11:42 PM
Hey all!
My name is Jillian Pierone-- A (few) of you may know me as the Pennsylvania Ron Paul Sign Bomb State Leader. My Dad and I recently put together a website that would help us SAVE free markets and capitalism by USING free markets and capitalism. :-D

Shop4Liberty is a nonprofit fundraiser. The legal name of the fundraiser is "Ron Paul Fundraiser," But for legal reasons, we are not associated directly with the Ron Paul Campaign. We CAN however, as a nonprofit org, give as much money as we want to REVOLUTION PAC.

The other thing we are doing -- what I personally love -- is putting together FREE RON PAUL ACTIVIST KITS for everyone who signs up. I truly believe that the only way we will win this election is if every one of us makes the effort to spread the word to our friends, families, and neighbors. These kits will make it easier for the newcomer to political activism(or the battleworn r3volutionaries :-) to spread the message of liberty.

The way the site works is fairly simple. Just like most other websites you see with banner ads -- the site gets a commission for every sale made from traffic generated by the banners on our site. WE BELIEVE IN FULL TRANSPARENCY-- so you all will get to see exactly how much money has been spent, how much money has been earned in commissions, and where the money goes. The site has only been up and functional for ten days now, so we really only have in the bank account what it cost to open it... and not all of the commission information for the first month is in yet-- but we will have regular screen shots of the online bank statements available for all to see.

We are not profiting from this site in any way. This site was put together with many hours of effort given freely for the cause of liberty. If at any point in the future the site becomes SO huge that managing it becomes impossible, we may hire out or cover our costs-- but all of this would be done with 100% transparency and at no more than is necessary to keep the site running. This scenario is way off in some wonderful perfect future when every Ron Paul Supporter is using Shop4Liberty to painlessly contribute to the cause.

If you have ANY questions whatsoever about the site, its creators, or anything-- feel free to ask. There is a lot of information available on the site-- as much as I could come up with to post-- Also, our bios are available under the about us section-- you can always friend us on facebook- (our pictures link to our facebook profiles) - there is a contact form to email us.. and a comments section on the homepage- so there is plenty of opportunity to speak with us about any of your concerns.

We only collect information from people requesting Activist Kits- Ron Paul Activist Kits are FREE - no purchases whatsoever are necessary. BUT- we also can't send any out until we start to make commissions. :-) We do not sell the information to any third party. We have an opt-in, opt-out option for mailings (though no newsletter set up at this time), but otherwise do not use the information for any other purpose but to send free Ron Paul Stuff. :-)

I want to humbly ask everyone here to please help us get the word out about this fundraiser. We both put a lot of man hours into this site because we are both STRONG supporters of Ron Paul-- who are generally too broke to do 1/100th of what we would like to do for the movement. I truly believe that this is the most PAINLESS and the EASIEST way to contribute to the cause- -since all of us need STUFF at one time or another.

Please do what you can to spread the word. Feel free to request an activist kit at any time. They will be processed both in the order they are received, and as the fundraiser brings in the funds to cover them. Again- no purchases are necessary-- but unless people make purchases- no money will be made.. and no kits will go out... so I do encourage everyone to do some shopping and to invite your friends and family to do so as well. There are a LOT of GREAT retailers on the site -- anything from electronics, furniture, decor, clothing, services, books, crafts, you name it-- names like Barnes N Noble, AT&T, dELIA*s, Ed Hardy, and more -- with more being added regularly.

Don't forget to spread the word about the Black Friday Shop 4 Liberty Bomb!