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Gimme Some Truth
11-05-2007, 11:09 AM
“Tony Blair wanted to restore peace, freedom and democracy for the Iraqi people; he wanted to get rid of that brute Saddam Hussein. He spent millions on that, but he says he can’t pay for us, who are British citizens, to go home” Allen Vincatassin – representative of the Diego Garcians.

The Diego Garcians were exiled from their island in the 1970’s after deals between Britain, Mauritius and the US. Mauritius got its independence from Britain in 1965, but let Britain keep the Chagos Islands, of which Diego Garcia is one. In return Britain paid Mauritius £3 million. Then the thrifty British government agreed to lease the island to the US for military use in return for an £11.5 million discount on nuclear submarines.

The people of Diego Garcia were tricked and forced off their island to make way for an air base. All the animals on the island were gassed, and two of the longest runways in the world were constructed. Recently, many of the bombers that have been flattening Iraq and Afghanistan took off from Diego Garcia.

The Diego Garcians were sent to Mauritus, where they have lived in slums for the last 30 years. They lived in extreme poverty; many starved, died or committed suicide. The British government maintained the lie that the island had no permanent residents.

In 2000 the High Court ruled that their expulsion from the Islands was illegal. Neo Labour invented a ‘feasibility study’ to decide whether the island could be resettled; it decided that it would be ‘too expensive’ to repatriate the Diego Garcians, would be ecologically harmful (the B52s aren’t?), and anyway, the islands are in danger from global warming.

While the Diego Garcians have been prevented from returning to their island, others have been welcomed. The US military for one, along with thousands of Filipino and Mauritian workers who have been brought in to build and maintain the base. Ironically, the Diego Garcians are now twiddling their thumbs in the Jobcentre in Crawley. Multinationals such as Cable and Wireless also have a presence on the island serving the bases. Recently there’s been a plan to allow tourists to visit the island, which means anyone will be able to go there, except the people whose homeland it is. Oh yeah- anyone who can afford the £4,500 cost of the cruise that is.

This conspiracy was hatched on this day , November 5th , 32 years ago in 1965.

It is the dark realities of many of the policies that Ron Paul speaks out against.

Please take 50mins to watch this video about this disgusting story , here


I challenge you to not look at the November 5th fundraising for that time and see how much is raised ,to help against injustices like that of the Diego Garcians have suffered , in that time