View Full Version : Donation Game! Campaign vs Superpac!

09-19-2011, 10:53 AM
I was thinking this could be a fun little game to play:

Grassroots (Those not maxed out) vs The SuperPac.
Red vs Blue.

Following this graph of real time donations:

Red = campaign
Blue = superpac

Im currently not maxed out, so Im on the red team (campaign).

The goal is to have your team beat the other in terms of donation totals for today.
The SuperPac obviously has the advantage of unlimited donation amounts (as you can see from the big jumps)
The campaign has sheer volume of contributors on its side.

Im on my way to the bank now to deposit some more $ to donate for the red team!
Expect my name on the ticker again in a little while!

Who else wants to play?

Spread the game around and lets do this!

There arent any losers in this game, its purely competition for the sake of competition!

That being said, lets go Red!